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    Fancy dress costume like none other

    Chetan, sat tensed in the backseat. He wanted to win the fancy dress competition that was being held this Republic day. He tried to come up with many mythological, cryptid and fictional options but a six year old could only think so much. He quickly asked his grandpa, who was driving,"Who is the greatest among the Indian heroes?" His grandfather replied,"Taxpayer". A befitting reply from a government official. "Who is this person? I've never seen him on TV or seen him fight villains". His grandfather further stretched his joke and said,"He doesn't fight. But he offers support to our army, navy and air force, our real heroes". Seeing the six year old puzzled, grandpa added,"Oh..even Superman, Chota Bheem and Motu Patlu rely on him". This brought the kid's attention back. Grandpa was totally oblivious of the fact that Chetan was hunting ideas for the competition. "Once upon a time Superman, Hanuman and Chota Bheem were held hostage by an evil master called Corruption. Army and other forces couldn't near his lair because they were exhausted by hunger and sleep deprivation. That was when the Taxpayer came. He came with lots of food and money. He kept the forces active and his money helped soldiers to bring new gadgets. And with Taxpayer's help they all breached the Corruption's lair and saved your favorite superheros. Then our superhero trio killed the evil Corruption. But Taxpayer was nowhere to be seen. He only comes during crisis and helps our heroes". The fake legend has been narrated and the boy wanted to know the appearance of Taxpayer to enact him on stage. His grandpa said,"Taxpayer? He looks like your dad. Or me. He dresses up like us". Later that evening Chetan took his red jacket and readied it. His father wore a red jacket in all seasons. Finally the day was here. Chetan asked his dad if he could lend him 100 Rs. When his father drove him to school he was surprised to learn that there was a fancy dress competition and glanced angrily at Chetan for not sporting anything fancy. Chetan while getting down answered,"I am dressed as Taxpayer dad! And this is the money I will pay as tax to save my country." He pulled out a flag out from his pocket, walked proudly onto the podium and narrated the lore of Taxpayer to the audience.
    His dad watched in awe. Chetan ironically won the first prize. Evening, while everyone was celebrating Chetan's victory, he looked at his grandfather and winked.

    (Entry for picture competition).
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    A very good entry. When you have paid the tax, why worry? But there's a lot to worry. When everything is held hostage by Corruption, honest taxpayers alone can hardly come out of it.

    Corruption is a social malaise and is spread everywhere. While more corruption creates a dent in the number of taxpayers if everybody becomes honest it is expected that there will be a significant increase in the number of taxpayers. It is amazing to find how the grandpa narrated the importance of taxpayers to a six-year-old. Well done!


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    A good piece of narration well conceived and well presented.

    Tax payer is the source of all funds needed by a Govt and from that perspective he is the most important person so presenting him to an audience makes sense as it will emphasize the importance of taxpayer.

    However children talking of such an issue like tax and taxpayer has some element of phantasizing also.

    Anyway, a good attempt by the author.

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    Good narration by the author. He tried to bring out the importance of a taxpayer in the country. The government is able to plan and execute many programmes whether they are welfare schemes or development activities because of the money they are receiving from the citizens in the form of taxes. But a taxpayer has no value in this country. Politicians will always focus on the poor people to get their votes. Of course, ultimately they are remaining as poor only because of the attitude of the politician. The author made a good attempt in bringing out the fact that if there is no taxpayer, there is no governance in the country and no development is possible.
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    A good composition bringing the tax compliance and its importance from the mouth of the little boy.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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