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    It's all about competitions and comparisons

    We talk about competitions. Many people say that competition helps us to progress in life. Think of a child who has just started to go to school. In the beginning, the child is freely playing and enjoying with the other children. While she/he is growing up, the pressure of study sets in. The number of books increases with the level of the child's standard and many times the parents tell their kids to be competitive enough to beat the other students. While this can boost up the child to perform better, this can lead to increase the desire of the child towards getting more in every situation in life. When the pressure is always exerted on a child through a given parameter, this given parameter may stay on the mind throughout the life to hanker for more.

    This parameter in school life may be the first girl/boy in the class, at a later stage, it may be a neighbour or relative who has secured a place in some prestigious institutes and later in service life it may be the salary of another friend or colleague. Do we set the parameters of all our actions based on the performance of others? Can we compete with our own performance and better it at different stages? If we concentrate on our own actions and try to better them at different stages, we can be happier rather than feeling jealous towards others. Members, do you agree to this?
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    The journey of life is like that only. Since our childhood we are seeing comparisons only and everywhere competition is there.

    Whatever you attempt there are already benchmarks set and doing below them is considered mediocre.

    I remember when I was in my first year of graduation and I had some interest in writing, I wrote a scientific article in hindi language and as there were no computer facilities then, I wrote it in my handwriting in the best way I could and drawn some diagrams and figures also. I showed it to my teachers and parents and every one was impressed with it. It was on a popular science theme.

    I sent it to a prestigious hindi magazine of that time with a self addressed and stamped envelope as was the practice in vogue at that time.

    After 4-5 months I got it back as returned by them. There was a covering letter telling me what are the things required to improve the article and the associated figures and diagrams. They had also mentioned that even after that they will not be able to consider it as they were already full of material for about a year and after that only consider it if found ok after the revision.

    Then, I went through my manuscript and found that the editor has made various corrections and put small remarks almost in every paragraph and suggested something in his short writings.

    I found that my article was very very below the acceptable levels and required so much work that instead of correcting it, I could try to write another article.

    That was my first encounter with the word 'benchmark' and I am still grappling with it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Comparisons and competitions. This is the order of the world. Everyone wants to be on the top. Nobody wants to second to somebody. This attitude is unnecessarily creating tension in the people of all types. A politician wants to become an MLA and then a Minister and then CM. They always compare with people one step above them. A student always wants to be first in the class. He wants to secure the first seat in IIT of his choice. All employees want
    to reach the top position as early as possible.
    People will compare their house with neighbour's house. They will compare their car with the neighbour's car. This comparisons and competitions are the real culprits. They are spoiling the health of the people. The people run after these fancy issues which will make the restless.
    To be content with what we have will make us happy and we will be healthy if we are satisfied with what we have. Whether you want a healthy life or otherwise is your choice always.

    always confident

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    Comparisons and competitions are the things that motivate us to work hard and compete in the cut throat competitions in the world today.

    Today there is no place for dullards and lazy people in the system. Targets are to be achieved in time and performances are to be maintained.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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