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    Life is rich if you are simple and humble

    People have different nature and different characteristics and we can asses them from their expressions and behaviour.

    Some people are arrogant, offending and quarrelsome and will be in a habit of turning small and simple things in to complicated issues. You will feel a negative atmosphere in presence of such people. They will make other person's life miserable and in the process get stressed themselves. People do not like the company of such people. I pity the life of such people.

    On the other hand there are some who are simple and humble in their approach and take things in their correct and positive perspective. They are respected in the society and people yearn for their friendship. Also their stress level is comparatively at a very low level.

    I feel that the people in the latter category enjoy a rich quality of life.

    What do you think about this?
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    These days nobody wants to be simple. They may pretend as if they are humble. Everybody wants a rich life. I agree with the author that as long as you live a simple and humble life you will be happier. Happiness only gives perfection to our life. This is the fact that many people ignore and struggle always to get more and more.
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    It is true that most of the people are after materialistic pleasures and do not find time in life. They have forgotten what a simple life could be. They are shrewd in their dealings and there is no place for humbleness.

    Very few people are ready to live a simple life in today's situation.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    The author has given a very important message through this thread. We say a person is rich when he has enough money and properties. Actually, simplicity lies in the attitude and has got nothing to do with money. It is the dream of every person to become rich so that she/he can enjoy all the materialistic comforts, but the problem with most of the people is the craze to have more.

    This unnecessary craze to have more has given rise to a typical attitude among many people where they do not hesitate to demean others to reach that 'coveted' position. This, in turn, has made them complex in nature and they disguise themselves in such a way so that others won't be able to gauge their intentions. If you can live in a simple way there's no need to wear a mask and you can easily stay away from all these anxieties.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    This thread is giving us valuable points. Being simple and humble create very good impression among others. Arrogant and quarrelsome people are not welcomed by others. Of course simplicity must be shown in all spheres of one's life. There are people who preach simplicity but leads a very lavish life. They are, by nature, not simple persons. They only pretend they are simple.
    Arrogant persons might try to pretend to be simple, but soon the true colour will come out. They cannot continue pretending for a long time.
    A true simple natured person will never come with an argument. He will just hear others, and express his opinion politely. He will not try to quarrel for anything. More over a true simple and humble person will get automatically a preferential seat and position in the society. They will not approach any problem with a selfish interest. They will always respect others and give deserving importance to others' words and attitude. True leadership will come to them automatically.


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