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    A superb ride on Chennai Metro

    The Chennai Metro is indeed the pride of Chennai, the fourth largest city in India. The city has been growing on all the three sides and the growth has been massive. Even North Chennai is now acquiring a status of its own.

    Given the kind of growth, Chennai's Metro will surely minimize congestion of the city roads. Yesterday, I happened to board the Metro train at the Chennai Central Station. It ends at St.Thomas Mount, which is now a very posh area.

    The Chennai Central Station is simply world class. There is a massive amount of open space that one understands, is likely to be put to commercial use. The fare to travel up to Vadapalani, in my opinion, at Rs.50/-, is very reasonable. There are thousands who have started using the metro. There was not a single seat left in the compartments.

    The air-conditioning is also fine. The train goes very fast and takes less than 30 minutes, vis a vis at least 50 minutes by the MTC buses with huge traffic jams. The Metro authorities would do well to give some discount during the summer months starting March and ending July this year, as an experiment. This will make thousands experience the comfort and the crowds will positively come.

    During the summer months, people do like to travel within the city. The last stretch of phase 1 which runs underground, is set to be thrown open to the public within twenty days. Phase 2 will hopefully be completed and the distance of more than 100 kilometeres will really be a boost to the city.
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    I haven't seen Chennai Metro. But I have enjoyed the Metro ride in Bengaluru city. It is also a superb one. Hope to visit Chennai soon to enjoy the Metro ride.
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    Metro trains are the answers to traffic problems in many cities. All the cities are growing fast as the earnings can be good in cities only. All people from villages are shifting to cities. So the cities are expanding. Because of this, the traffic is increasing in cities. That is why in many cities the Metros are being thought off.
    Chennai is expanding silently. Everybody will take about the development of Bangalore and Hyderabad. But the development in Chennai is not discussed that much. The city is expanding. Many IT companies are having their units here and there are many industries.
    Metro in Chennai, I have not seen, but my brother who stays in Chennai told me that it is very well planned and rates are also reasonable. The maintenance is also good. In Bangalore and Hyderabad also the metros are good. But the rates in Hyderabad are a little more than in the other two cities,

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    It's good to know that the investments are also made in the modern ways of commuting like the Metro rail & the results are well appreciated wherever these are implemented with. Although I haven't been to the experience with the Chennai metro rail but still this can be imagined in comparison with the Delhi Metro rail. I have to admit here that due to expansions of the cities the NCR areas are also becoming the integral part of the main city & with this the overall expansions are vast than ever before which anyone would have evident of in the past. Due to shifting of the industries to the NCR areas from the main city, the communing problem has increased during & since from the recent past & using road transports on regular basis isn't comfort at all.

    If we remove few of the technicalities because the Metro rails are heavily dependent upon this which has even led to the unexpected delays sometimes, this has taken an important role in the commuting in any of the locations, this has been implemented with.

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    It is good to hear that in Chennai also the metro has come up as per the expectations of the people as compared to other big cities where it has been in place for quite some time.

    Metro is the answer to traffic problems in the city and overcrowding in the buses.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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