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    Rahul Gandhi's big election promise

    Rahul Gandhi, in his election promise, has assured that he would provide minimum income to all the poor Indians, if his party wins election in 2019 and come to power, to have a poverty free India.

    Is it really possible by the Congress government which has not done it while they were in power for many long years? What are your views and comments?
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    When Rahul-Ji has said this, who dares to have any contrarian view. But this will be done only if Congress comes to power at the Centre, and that is a very big 'if'.
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    This is the season of elections. All political parties will make promises. Earlier days parties and candidates are distributing money before the elections. These days they are distributing government money throughout as they like. Old father will get an old age pension. Mother will get old age pension. Son will get unemployment pension. Daughter will get Dwakra funds. So there is no poor man in AP. This is what Babu is doing in AP. Like this Rahul may plan it all over India. In addition to the above Rytu Bandhu programme and free money to all farmers. So all taxpayers will suffer and politicians shine. We are not interested in developments. All wants SOPS only free.
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    It is easy to promise but only time can tell whether they will be able to honour that. During the election time the politicians make tall promises and unbelievable vows but things change when they come in power.
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    If you are sincere enough to work for the welfare of the people, then it only a matter of time.
    Promises made by a sincere and honest person are an affidavit but if a person runs after power and possession, promises from such people not only become hallow, they even demean themselves.
    Yes, for an honest and sincere govt, the welfare of poor people is no difficult. There are several such instances in the world.

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    In the meantime, if anyone in direct conversation or in any TV debates we mention the name of Rahul Gandhi than I would prefer it to skip with the intention of change the topic because of a simple fact that he is understood to me now. He is not for politics & is being used forcibly by the Congress party & it's not good for him. But anyhow, why do we still believe him? because I don't find any reason to believe him in context to anything & for whatever.

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    If the great political giants who ruled the country for many a decades could not make poverty free India, can this dwarf like person plan to see a poverty free India? There is a limit to give false promises and assurances.
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    The state governments are trying their best to remove poverty in their state. Tamilnadu has done its best in this regard. Free rice is distributed to every family. Amma hotel serves food at cheaper rates. The elders get pension. Cycles, laptops, school uniforms are being provided to the students.

    To provide minimum income, the person has to be employed. To get employed, the government need to provide employment. To provide employment, government need to have work places. Will Rahul create work places to meet the requirement?

    Is it possible for Rahul Gandhi to account the number of poor citizens of India?

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    Well, it's a promise and we all know why he has to make such a tall promise. The general election is around the corner and every political party is trying its best to garner maximum votes. It is surprising to note that a party which ruled the country for most of the period after its independence couldn't do enough to alleviate poverty and still trying to allure voters with tall promises.

    Actually, these are the tactics of all the opposition parties in our country and since Congress is the main opposition party which is contemplating to return to power, it's natural for the party president to make such promises. The countrymen are waiting eagerly to see whether such promises are kept or go down the drain after the poll results are out.


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    Another fake promise by a big politician to lure voters and for sure people will fall into his trap. I am surprised if Congress can do it after winning elections then why they didn't reduce employment in their government. It's strange how these politicians make fool of innocent people at the time of elections and forget them after elections. I am not a supporter of BJP but I don't like politicians when they make these non-sense commitments to the public. You should speak what you think you can fulfil.

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    Now as the Congress party is ruling in the states of Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & Rajasthan, the Rahul Gandhi must enter & ensure its implementation of the minimum wage limit or income for the poorer in those states & set an example for rest of the nation as well. But the problem is that he himself is out on bail on a fraud case then how come & on what ground & sanctity that he continues with such promises & still if he is able to lure the voters in his behalf than it's the voters who is getting fooled & not him. These stunts coming out & showing their frustration to its maximum level. The voters must get the hidden agendas of all such promises through any of the political parties or otherwise the voters will keep on facing with the miseries & responsible for the miseries of the up-coming generations as well.

    Instead we need to find with the alternatives which will have some long time positive impacts on the lives at all levels but the problem is that at least the Congress party & its alliance partners are no more interested on debating on those rather than keep on uniting with political parties having with the same mind sets.

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    First of all, we should study and analyze whether Rahul will become Prime Minister or not. I think, even if he wins election with majority seats, he will not be made Prime Minister. I remember, Dr. Subramanyaswamy played a key role to stop Sonia becoming PM of India. In an interview to a media, Dr. Swamy had said that even Rahul Gandhi is not eligible to become PM of India. I am sure, Dr. Swamy will raise up to stop him becoming Prime Minister quoting the valid rules.
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