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    The old man started talking

    26th January. In the coastal town of Tamil Nadu, the nonagenarian man wore spotlessly white dhoti and shirt and started preparing to go out. The family members were astonished but no one dared to ask him any question. He never interacted much.

    The street was comparatively empty. The old man started walking. His mind traveled to a distant past. He reached the pre-independence days of 1942.

    The teenager took part in the 'Quit India' movement. But he was not satisfied. He took a decision and left his home at this coastal town and somehow reached Singapore. He volunteered to join the Indian National Army (INA). He got a new 'josh' when he listened to the electrifying voice of Netaji: "Give me blood, I shall give you freedom."

    He gave blood. In 1944, he, along with his comrades, crossed Chindwin and took part in the Battle of Imphal and Battle of Kohima. He did not surrender. He did not get captured. He, along with another comrade, broke the British line fighting with his standard rifle.

    On 15th August, 1947, he and his comrade were hiding in the forest of Manipur. They didn't know the World War was over. They didn't know that their idol Netaji had disappeared forever. They didn't know India got independence.

    In January, 1950, he was found by a contingent of Indian Army. His comrade had died in the forest. He was brought back to civilization. He finally returned to his native place in coastal Tamil Nadu.

    His fighting spirit was very much intact. But over the years, he got disenchanted. The generations of seventies, eighties and nineties degenerated. They were running behind materialistic life. He almost stopped interacting with others.

    But, on 26th January, he came out. He reached the sea-shore. On the sea-shore, he noticed Indian tri-colour flattering. The palm trees were swinging their heads, as if they were enjoying the scene. Standing on a bench, young children were respectfully waving Indian flags.

    The INA veteran saw hope and promise in those young eyes. He stood beside the children and started talking. He started telling them about their Motherland, the great country of India.

    [Competition entry for January 2019 Topic-based TOW]
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    A very good narration. The people who have seen those days of before independence can't digest these days. Their approach and these days approach are entirely different. That aspect has been brought in this narration by the author. Good presentation.
    always confident

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    Nicely put forward your thoughts on the indomitable spirit and valour that our great leaders had to dismantle the chains of slavery, and fight every oppression on the nation.
    Your words are greatly fine tuned! Love the piece!

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    Excellent presentation. Good account of someone involved in the fight for independence.

    An old man looking back in time the patriotic endeavours taken up by him. A nice narration on the eve of 26th January.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    This is really a very nice presentation by the author depicted through an old man who was associated in the freedom fighting and today looking back in his life. The old man is sharing his experience with the children who are celebrating the republic day.

    A good imagination and out of the box approach for the story conceived.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A wonderful write-up. The fight for independence during his youth, the dreams of seeing the country independent, the expectations from the fellow countrymen after the independence and what he found after so many years is beautifully expressed here.

    The nonagenarian man still sees hope in the children and that's why started telling them about their Motherland. Actually, every parent and the teachers must tell the children about our country, its values, cultures and the sacrifice of the freedom fighters through which we got independence. The children will be able to know and may try to visualize things if they are told about all these by the adults.


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    Nice creative writeup by the author. This old man might have discovered that people were not that much patriotic like used to have in his time. We are thankful for the people who risked or sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country. And when this old man saw the little kids waving flag he might have gone in his past memories when they use to wave the flag and say " Jai Hind" or "Vande Mataram". He might have remembered those tough days when they hid in the forest. All of his pain might have gone seeing these kids and he might have started talking to these kids.

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