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    Poverty of a country can be ascertained from the beggars in that country

    The real poverty of a country can be seen through the number of beggars living in that country. There are high income group, middle income group and low income group. They all work to earn their bread and live. Whereas beggars simply beg to earn their bread and live. Therefore, I would say that a country's poverty can be ascertained by counting the number of beggars living in that country.

    What are your views?
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    That may be one of the methods. But country's poverty can also be decided based on the percentage of people who are having less income as decided by the government. In all the states the government is giving white cards to those people who don't have the income sufficient for their living. They are all poor only. So the correct number of poor people can be assessed by the number of these cards issued. In India, the percentage poor may be high only. There are many people who can't afford two times full meal in a day. All these people may never go for begging as they have their self-respect.
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    No, I would not relate to the poverty of the country with a number of beggars. There are many other factors which are the cause of increased beggars and the main reason is the employment rate. As our country is overpopulated so have lesser jobs that's why some people have to beg to earn money and to survive. Also, poverty of the nation is calculated by the earning per person, not by the number of beggars in the country.

    It is sad that few people don't want to work and make begging a profession as its easy way to make some money.


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    There are many reasons for a large number of beggars in our country and one of the reasons is poverty also. People are not getting jobs, they do not have any ancestral property or fields, they do not want to work, they are deserted by their families, they are absconding from law and many more such reasons that can force a person in the profession of begging.

    We do not have any scheme for their rehabilitation or adult orphanage homes where they can be kept and they can be engaged in some creative activity which can add in the production of petty items and at the same time make money for them.

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    I do not know whether we have the exact data about the number of beggars in our country. It is understood that poverty is one of the reasons for begging, but it may not be possible to determine the level of poverty just by counting the number of beggars. There are news and discussions in the Forum section too regarding the increase of fake beggars and it is quite alarming to note that a few of them have chosen to beg because they don't want to work anywhere.

    There are schemes run by the state and central governments for the people living in the BPL category, but there is nothing as such for beggars and destitute. There are a few NGOs working in that sector and a concrete study of the number of beggars and their living conditions are a must to improve the whole situation. There is no doubt that poverty is the main reason and begging is the outcome, but begging alone is not the decider of the level of poverty.


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    To a certain extent only there is a relation between the number of beggars and poverty in a country. As already pointed out in some comments above, certain people do not want to do any job. They simply while of their time and lead a life of a begger. There is another large number of beggers who are forced to do so. They are controlled by certain contractor type individuals. These contractors catch hold of children or old aged people and force them to beg. The income received by them will be taken by the agents in the evenings. These people arrange some accommodation for them in some remote places. There the 'beggers' are forced to stay. In the morning they are taken to different places and forced to beg. Mainly such people can be seen in front of temples or churches. Certain deformities to their bodies will be there to attract the sympathy of the people. (Very often such deformities are artificially made by the contractor). Thus the number of beggars cannot be counted to assess the poverty of a country. Making use of beggars ( real or created) has become a big business in our country.

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    Some of the poor and destitutes turn in to beggers as there is no other alternative for them.

    We can not engage these people for petty jobs as in fact there are no such jobs available.

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