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    And they say I am the master of the house!

    Yesterday an esteemed Member of ISC raised a thread on the relevance of newspapers in the present day. Today, another distinguished Member raised another thread on the position of the wife in the family. While going through these two threads and the responses, I have been forced to remember the painful episode of last Sunday.

    I subscribe to two newspapers and some periodicals. Over a period, a considerable amount of old newspapers and periodicals got accumulated in our home. So, my better half called a person who purchases old newspapers and periodicals/books. She fought like a tigress with the person on the issue of rates of the old papers and periodicals and finally the rates were settled (in her favour). Thereafter she checked the spring balance and finally, all the old newspapers and periodicals were sold.

    The bill was Rs. 238/-. The calculation was done by me because the lady thinks that I must sharpen my calculation skills every day. But the sorrowful part is that she took the entire amount herself, although the newspaper bill is religiously paid by me every month. Not only that, she took Rs. 12/- from me to make the amount a proper figure of Rs. 250/-. I did not get a single paisa from the deal although I supervised the entire process.

    And they say that I am the master of the house!
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    All the new things are for the King (Master) of the family, and all the old things are for the Queen (Manager) of the family. As a wife, she is right. She is a home maker too. It is her duty to clear up the piling newspapers. You are always the master of your own house. It is your true love that permitted your wife to have the money.
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    Of course, you are the master of your house. Your wife called the person who purchases old newspapers and periodicals, she negotiated with the person and fixed the rates. Though you supervised the work, where she worked as a manager and did everything from contacting the person to negotiate the rates.

    As a homemaker, she has to look after the home and if things are piled up at the corner, we understand how untidy it looks like. Can't she expect something (as a remuneration) for this wonderful job? You are still the master and she's your better half.


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    The better half is always the better one of the two as far as negotiation skills are concerned and thus saving money. It is because of the lady of the house that in a majority of homes financial budgets are well managed. Who is the real master of the house is therefore well known to all and sundry!!
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    You are paying the bill and reading the papers. Afterwards, you are forgetting about those papers and periodicals. But your better half is keeping them in a place neatly and seeing that they will not get wasted. It is her efforts only which made the accumulation properly. So she deserves the money.
    I also feel that the negotiation skills of women are always better than men. I go with my wife to the vegetable market. There she only will decide which shop to go. What vegetables are to be taken and she will only bargain. My job is to hold the bag and pay the money. By any chance, if I try to bargain I will land up in paying more only.
    All in household matters I feel ladies will definitely have a better say than man. Men are master s of the house if women of the houses accept. I have seen a quotation somewhere.
    " I am the Master of this house." " My wife told me".

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    After reading all the above responses, I am now more confused. Who is the real master of our home?
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    No confusion should arise within your mind. You are the boss of your house and she ( your better half) recognises you to that level. She demonstrated her manègerial skill during the process of negotiation with the man purchasing old newspaper. During the entire operation, she showed her acumenship and lastly a little demand of Rs 12/- from you reflected her closeness with you. She knew that there was no room for the refusal from your side for not entertaining her demand. At least, she is a real manager and knows what should be done under a specific situation.

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    No doubt. You are the supreme boss of your home. Your good lady is like your lovely mother, caring nurse, an assistant to help, a manager to manage your home, a chef to feed you and your children, an intelligent adviser, an obedient servant, a good home maker, a very good friend, a lady to nurture and bring up your children. What else!

    You are the captain of your ship with your wife as second in command.

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    In the families where only husband is earning and lady is the housewife these things are generally managed by them and they are supposed to be the experts in that.

    All other times they are somewhat dependent on the husband as they do not like to take bigger decisions themselves. Or in other words they might be thinking of making the husband responsible if anything goes wrong in those decisions.

    So petty things like newspaper selling, exchanging old clothes for plastic or steel items, selling household throw aways to a kabari and things like that are assumed to be managed at a lower level and they will not trouble their husbands for that. It is the hierarchy which is working in the back of their mind and they may not share it with you as you may unnecessarily feel elevated.

    So, master remains master but no one tells him that he is a master and this confusion is intentionally kept by the wise ladies so that there are no episodes of expecting obvious subordination from them.

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    Partha, you still are the boss. Ask your wife to give you a treat with that money and I am sure she will give.

    This happens with all of us. Our wives think that they have the right to keep the money which they earn from selling old newspapers and books. I don't mind it and you should also not worry as her's money is also yours.


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    Mr. Partha, when I went through your thread, I didn't feel that you have lost the 'master-ship' of your home. As already pointed out by some other distinguished members, above, you have done your job as the master. You decided to subscribe for two newspapers and made the arrangements for the same. These newspapers are for reading and understanding the latest news. You are not alone making use of these newspapers. Every member of your house uses it. That means as the controlling man or the manager you are looking after the needs of the family members by providing all facilities. Newspaper reading is only one among these facilities. Your wife just did her job by removing the unwanted and used materials. Of course, she got some returns from the act, which I think she would have spent the same for some common purpose.

    These days is there something called the master of the house? In most of the families, both the husband and wife are earning members. If earning is the criterion of being 'master' then both become masters. The decisions regarding running the home, both contribute. When both are educated, generally, both take part in decision making.

    I was a University Professor and my wife an Asst. Executive Engineer in the Public Works Dept. (Govt). We both shared the whole responsibilities of our family, discussing each other. When we constructed our house, it was she who prepared the plan and estimate, while I ran after finding the necessary finance. Every part of the construction was supervised by her. We never discussed who is the master of the house. It was, and is, always joint management.


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    The entire world is so unfair to the worse-half (opposite of 'better-half'; word coined by 'yours truly'). Nobody is sympathetic that I did not get even a single paisa from Rs. 238/-, but also lost Rs. 12/- in the process.


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    Your wife is your life partner to share anything and everything you have. If you sincerely love your better half, you would not have raised this thread. Let me ask you - What do you give her when you get your salary every month. I also think that you are a miser and cannot spare just Rs. 238+12 for your better/bitter/worse-half.

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    Instead of coming-up with the judgment in order to decide about who is actually the boss here I am rather interested more onto about how the matter has been drafted by the author & I am going to give the maximum possible number for this. I have to admit that the subject has been well calculated & defined & at the same time keep us with the suspense about what is going to be the next scene. I noted about few of the members with the serious notes but I request them to take up the things in a light hearted manner & don't get too much attached with the happenings as the things taking place is being understood with both the partners being the case that the same is not involved with any kind of arguments. This shows the sense of caring in context to each other. Only few are blessed with this & therefore the author is lucky to have such partner as his wife.

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    If the husband is giving this freedom to the wife for getting rid of household wastage then it is a task performed with due consent.

    In that case it does not matter where the money is kept.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Mr. SuN has remarked: "I also think that you are a miser and cannot spare just Rs. 238+12 for your better/bitter/worse-half". I am deeply pained that a poorly paid Government official has been called a 'miser' and no one even protested!

    Jokes apart, the thread did not fulfill its purpose to have a fun-filled discussion. So, the Editors may now consider to lock it.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    I loved the thread because the ending line is full of wit. Whatever the author wrote seems to happen in most of the families. In my home, everything is done by my husband, and later he religiously gives the money to me. I never ask for any extra amount, but whatever the price is, he knows he has to give it to me.
    In response, an author enquired about the pocket money, but I want to mention here that usually, no lady of the house takes the money for her personal use. It is always used for buying an item for the house or saved for a future purchase. It is just a mutual understanding, and no contradiction arises in it. Almost everyone said that the author is still the master of the house and his wife is his better half. Thus, he must give the money to his wife as compensation for managing the house. It is an extremely hurtful comment.
    In each house, if there is a master then there is a lady of the house. There is no room for compensation other than mutual understanding, love, care and respect for each other.


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