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    The harsh reality of being a woman.

    Recently I went to the police station to lodge a complaint of my wallet being lost. My PAN card, driving license and debit card were there in it.

    There I saw a lady sitting on the bench in the police station and waiting for her turn. After a few minutes when her turn came to lodge a complaint she was asked to write her complaint.

    She was frustrated and asked how many times she will have to write her complaint as she is writing it for the third time in two months. The policeman said that she might have to write it again. At this, she shouted as to what the police were doing. She was beaten up by her husband twice and she needed protection. She wanted to know what actions the police had taken on her previous complaints.

    The policeman kept quite and asked her to meet his senior. His senior came and asked her to give her complaint to the women cell and gave the phone number. The lady was really irritated this time and started crying. This time the SHO came and spoke to her but it was clear from the face of the lady, that she was sure that nothing is going to happen.

    They sent her for medical examination as she complained that her husband beat her with the belt.

    After watching the whole drama I was shocked and literally felt pity for the lady and thought that still, it's very difficult for a lady to fight for herself alone. Today also people don't listen to the females and they are discriminated. It's really very sad to see such incidents still prevail in our society. I was not upset that her husband beats her but was upset to see how the police were not reacting on her complaints.

    What do you say? Has discrimination against women reduced or is it still the same as it was in the past?

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    The condition of women today is far better than what it used to be in the past and there are improvements going on as a continuous process.

    But the path of achieving complete women empowerment is a long journey and it is full of obstacles from the male chauvinism, society by large and bad elements hovering here and there.

    What we are apparently observing on republic day parade or media coverage in TV is only those successful and enterprising women who are a small percentage of the female population in our country. What we are not seeing is what has been depicted by the author in this thread.

    A women gives birth to the children and takes all the pains associated with the birth and bringing up the offspring. Men are only a support to her and spectator for the process. A women is attached with her family. She feels hurt if she is abandoned or deserted by the husband. If a man is deserted by his wife he does not feel hurt, he feels and goes for vengeance. That is the vital difference between the mentality of a male and that of the female. All males may not be like that but they are exceptions.

    Being a male it is not my prerogative to offend the males but the truth is that we have to do more efforts for full women empowerment and a lot of work is yet to be completed in that direction.

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    The incident narrated by the author is really worrisome, but happening at many places throughout the country. Though the condition has improved a lot and more women are coming forward to lodge complaints of torture against their husband and in-laws, more needs to be done from the law enforcement agencies.

    I feel, every police station must have an adequate number of women officers to handle cases related to women and the authorities must look into it seriously. From the narration, it is understood that she lodged complaint earlier also but nothing fruitful happened. I agree that in a male-dominated society women are discriminated against many times and this incident is a glaring example. Many times we get the news from different media that how difficult it is for a woman to report harassment cases to the police stations because they are subjected to uncomfortable situations. There are instances where policemen refuse to lodge FIRs on different pretexts. To stop this, more policewomen have to be inducted into the force and women should be made aware of their rights.


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    Still, there are people who discriminate between the genders. We know that there are many incidents where men treated women differently. If a college girl refuses to love a boy, the boy poured acid on the face. In this incident also law had taken a long time to punish the culprit. The police will also show discrimination between men and women. This incident narrated by the author is an example of such incidents.
    This attitude should change. Our epics say that if a lady is respected in the house, wealth will be there. If in a house a lady is shedding tears, that house will be in problems sooner. All these are told keeping in view that ladies should be given their due respect and they should be treated equally.

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    As rightly said by Umesh, the condition of women are better than the past. There are many women police stations to deal with cases pertaining to women. My doubt is - Why this good lady has not gone to the women police station, but choose to lodge a complaint in a police station manned by men? If the police officer has not taken action against her first and second complaint, she should have gone to a woman police officer to lodge her complaint third time. What I feel is - Our women should be educated in this respect.
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    Sun, are women police stations supposed to deal specifically with cases related to women only? I don't think so.
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    Saji Ganesh,
    Yes. They take care of complaints lodged by women seriously and deal with it promptly. There are Men police stations and all women police stations located close to each other. Generally, women are directed to go to women police stations for lodging complaints.

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    The women police station is not nearby her home. Also, there was lady police sitting with the officer who was registering complaints of the people and she didn't speak a word. I am surprised that instead of having sympathy towards this lady you are suggesting something which might not be able to do at night alone. She was given the number of woman helpline I think she would have registered her case there. Who says woman police stations are there in every police station? I doubt.

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    This incident shows that there are situations where women are finding themselves helpless.

    So, still measures are required and progress is to be achieved for the women to get attended properly.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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