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    How to remember those passwords

    Have you been wondering how you can store all the passwords you use for different platforms in your memory? You will be surprised to note that the easiest method is the simplest and most practical one. Read on and share your views.

    Nowadays we are having so many mobile devices and create many accounts on different websites. For example, we have e-mail ids, online banking platforms, e-commerce websites, different forums and many more. Wherever we have an online account, it is protected with passwords. While creating passwords, there are certain rules in various platforms like a minimum number of characters, upper case and lower case, combination of alphanumeric characters and so on. While it is recommended to memorise the passwords rather than noting it down somewhere, at times we forget those passwords. Since there is an option to save the passwords in the browser, many of us use this facility. But, in case you forget the password and simultaneously delete the browsing history for freeing up space, you have to use the 'Forgot Password' option in each of your accounts.

    It is natural for a person to use the same password in many of the accounts, but many use different passwords for different accounts. As long as all these passwords are saved it's fine, but sometimes you may face lots of troubles to retrieve the passwords too. There is an easy way to remember the passwords.

    Don't worry, I will not recommend any software or app for that. It is very simple. Don't save the passwords. Log in each time by typing the password. It will help you to memorise as well as increase the functionality of your brain.
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    I always create tough passwords for my bank accounts and have it written somewhere in a coded form. Such passwords are a combination of upper shift & lower shift alphabets, figures and special characters. For other unimportant communication, I have one standard easy to remember password for all.

    I strongly recommend to have only one user name and only one easy to remember unique/strong password for all our online unimportant communication.

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    It is definitely a major problem in modern day society. Till now, I am able to manage to memorize around thirty passwords which I use frequently. But with the passage of time, I am feeling that I would start forgetting. Only last Sunday I planned to write all my usernames and passwords in a diary in the month of February.
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    It happens with me many times and every time I have to use "forget password" option. It happens with the debit card we have to type a password everytime that's the reason we don't forget the password. It's a good suggestion by the author to memorise the password but I don't if one can remember all the passwords. It's better to write the passwords in a diary if can't retrieve it by typing it.

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    A very good suggestion by the author to remember the passwords by entering it every time in manual mode.

    There are so many passwords and over and above that some bank sites force us periodically to change them that it becomes almost impossible to remember them. Most of the people are using the 'forget password' to get it or create it online.

    However strong the security of the sites in the internet the hackers ultimately find newer ways to penetrate the security cover and then misuse the information especially the critical information like user name and passwords.

    Many people are now noting them somewhere in a coded form so that even if it is in the hands of miscreants, it does not matter.

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    I would suggest to remain secured with your mobile set as the number associated with the SIM would be playing the major role here. Like for example, any of the internet banking or online transactions are consisting of with the option of "One time password" which would be sent to your registered mobile number with the respective banks & therefore & in case you have forgotten the password than still you have a good chance to get into your account & do the required transactions. The same being the scenario with other personal email accounts as well like the or etc. To my personal experience I am now most habitual to these & that's why I take care of my mobile at any time that I never let this alone. There could be the other safety precautions but in this we are limited to the taking care of the "passwords" & hopefully that the above would be helpful for many of us.

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    It is really a tough task to remember the passwords or rather say manage one's passwords. There are so many of them always confusing us and we are baffled at times with the pressure they create in our mind in the times when we want them badly but they seem to disappear in another world.

    The author has given a good tip to tackle this problem.

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    It is a real problem everybody faces these days. What I do is I keep a word document on my Laptop and in that I note down all these passwords with a code. This file will be asking for a password to open. I remember that password and whenever required I will open the document to see the password. The password for this file I will be changing very frequently. Even somebody wants to open they can't do it as I will be changing the password very frequently.
    Writing in a place which is available to us only is also a way. But there is a chance we may lose that book and somebody else can open and see.

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