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    Do you hate to love or love to hate?

    There are many people around us who hate to love. In my opinion, this particular characteristic is a trait of a very weak personality. There should not be any reason for not loving anyone. Yes, it might not be possible to receive a similar response from the other side but that also should not lead to hate. Hating is a negative trait which should always be under control. When a loveable person does not reciprocate the way the other one desires to receive, it does not mean that the person lacks the appreciable qualities. Thus, we need to be broad-minded and large-hearted so that we never hate to love.

    Even there are people around us who love to hate. When love between two people does not persist, then they love to hate. It is not proper in my opinion. Hate would exist when something frightening or torturous occurs but other than that it is okay to move on without any hatred. It is better to keep a safe distance and maintain decorum. But in most of the cases, people love to give hate speech against each other.

    So, a love-hate relationship is tricky in every sense. What is your opinion?
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    This is a very tricky question. But my answer is simple. I love to love and also hate to hate. But sometime, I am forced to stop loving and start hating.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Love is a divine feeling in the life of humans. It is such a thing without which life will be dry and dull. Whether you love your children or friends or childhood companions or anyone else, it is a thing to enjoy and be happy.

    Love requires compatibility between two persons otherwise it does not sustain. In adverse cases, it turns into hate and then the stressful regime of repulsion and ignoring starts. There will be instances when one will be hating some of the fellow beings.

    People who can maintain their love phases much more than their hate phases are the happiest of the lot and enjoy their life peacefully. I think we should target for that.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Whether you love somebody or not, you should not hate anybody. This is what I always feel. Sharing love and affection is really good quality and makes one's life happy. But if you start developing hatred towards anybody your happiness also will vanish.
    One should think of positives in the others and should try to develop a liking towards him. We should not think about his weaknesses and we should not develop hatred towards that person. If you don't like a person or his attitude, it is better not to go towards him but we should not develop any hatred towards that person.

    always confident

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    I agree too that if we dislike a person for his/her attitude and behaviour, then there is no need to hate the person. It is always prudent to behave properly. There is no need to be in contact and create trouble, but to maintain a safe distance is always the better option. Hating anyone is not a civilized behaviour rather trying to maintain a distance conveys the proper message to the other person.

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    I dont understand why people hate to love. I am sort of a person who loves to love and dont have time to hate people without reason. It's a very strange few people do that.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Is there anything to discuss on this topic? May be because of that the first reaction to the thread is completely blocked by an advertisement. (In fact in another thread, earlier, I had pointed out this blocking of first reactions to a thread).
    Here the point is 'love to hate' or 'hate to love'. Will there be anybody who always love to hate. Even if the person is an enemy, in certain special occasions one will be forced to love because of the reaction from that person. May be he rescues one's child from an accident, knowingly or unknowingly. This incident may change the attitude. At least at that moment he would hate for not loving. In fact hate and love are two attitudes mainly depending on actions from the other end. And in most of the cases it is short lived also.


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    We should just love and respect others that can sometimes turn others hate in love also.

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