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    Many times we confuse motion with progress.

    Life is a continuous struggle and we have to do efforts and endeavors for our progress and success. In pursuing those objectives we have to asses our progress time to time.

    While assessing we perceive that we are moving ahead but we must see that whether we are simply moving ahead in the time or achieving our objectives also in the desired ways.

    Sometimes, people confuse between motion and progress and to that extent we should be careful in our assessment.

    What are your views on this?
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    Progress is different and the moment is different. progress is unidirectional whereas movement is multi-direction. A movement can be backwards, sideways and upwards. But the only upward movement can be considered as progress.
    This is like going to a place and returning back without any work attended there. The person will be moving to someplace and coming back. It will not serve any purpose. This is a moment only but not progress. But a movement towards the top is progress. One should always aim for progress but not for a movement. Moving without any purpose is a waste only and never advisable.

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    Motion may be circular motion, forward motion, backward motion, etc. Progress is equivalent to forward motion. Circular motion or backward motion can't be termed as progress. These may be regress.
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    Simply moving in life means passing the time and not achieving anything. It is almost an idle situation.

    Progress is to achieve something. That requires hard work and sustained efforts. Idling will not help there.

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    A lot of efforts are required to progress in life. Progress means to develop yourself on a regular basis. This development can continue throughout life and depends on the willingness of a person. As other members have already mentioned, motion can be of many types. When you are in confusion, this motion can take you anywhere without any progress.

    For example, after a disappointing situation, many friends and relatives may suggest you do things in different ways. You can become confused and may try out all the options mentioned by them without the desired result. Because of your confusion, you couldn't assess the things properly and only listened to every advice. In that case, you were in motion all the time but without progress. One has to find out what kind of development she/he wants in life and need to work accordingly by properly analyzing the situation to achieve that target.


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    Movement is a regular feature. Getting up from the bed in the morning to go to bed at night which includes every activity of an individual can be termed as motion. Even breathing is motion because if we stop breathing that means we are motionless which regarded as dead.
    Just take for example a critically ill patient who is breathing that means there is motion, but if there is no improvement in the condition of the patient, then it means there is no progress. So, progress comes if there is motion, but motion might not progress.


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    In terms of industrial management, the organisation doesn't want a busy person but needs a person who may be able to guide the team and take them to the organisational goals.

    It's likely that bosses like the people who are smart workers but not the people who work hard. There is a difference because smart people know how to get the work done with minimal efforts whereas hard workers keep on taking the load of work and sometimes not able to finish it as per desired by the boss.


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