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    Four bricks for an individual

    Some Hindu forces have planned to go ahead with construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya in February without any worry. They have requested the people to carry four bricks each to the shrine to enable construction of the temple. (A news report)

    What is your good thought about constructing a temple at this juncture? Are you willing to carry four bricks to the temple site?
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    I think it is not correct at this stage. The matter is in the court. The court has to give its verdict. At this point of time unnecessarily creating a tension in the country is a very unwanted issue. Whether temple is allowed or not Rama will be there always in the hearts of all Hindus. This temple is not going to bring any additional value to the Lord. So let us not support any such moments. The issue will become uncontrollable and may lead to many problems. If people lose their lives in this agitation. Rama will feel bad. He never minds not having a temple there if a big problem is averted.
    I think many Hindus also may not support. The central government is dealing with the court. We should patient enough and wait. In between creating unrest is not at all advisable.

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    I don't agree with it. This will definitely create the chances of communal riots. Let Supreme Court decides what should be constructed there. God doesn't require a temple to live in. God is everywhere and in everything then we are adamant to build temple or mosque at that place.

    That might be the place of Lord Rama but looking at the present situation I would not like to see people doing and build a temple without the orders or it may have the situation like it happened in the past when many people died and injured in the riots.


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    People may go for that as a religious sentiments but it will only create problem for the administration. It is not a question of Ram Mandir but any religion if manifesting its sentiments in those ways is always a matter of embarrassment for the Government and the ruling party.

    In a country like ours where religious freedom is much more than required, such occasions will come but we must be careful in not taking things in our hands. The matter is already under courts and it makes it more cumbersome to interfere.

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