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    Do we require lunch or snacks?

    In olden times people used to take food in the morning and take some light snacks, fruits and tea etc in the day time and then take sumptuous dinner in the night.

    After the British regime we all switched to b'fast, lunch and dinner. Some people are even taking an evening snacks with tea.

    My proposition is that can we mange with a havy b'fast or food in the morning and take some snacks in the noon time and end the day with a good dinner? What is your opinion about this? Please give your comments.
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    I manage like that only. I take food in the morning at 9 AM before going to the office. I carry some fruits with me while going to the office. That will be lunch. Anyhow I will get tea two times in the office. After coming back in the evening at 6 PM I take a cup of tea and 7.30 PM is my dinner time. The dinner is a light dinner only. 2 chapathis will be my dinner.
    I feel it is always better to have good food in the morning especially for the working class. Even having breakfast a little heavy and skipping lunch and have some light snacks and then dinner is also advisable.

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    It all depends on your habit. Those who are habituated to take heavy lunches will feel uncomfortable if they do not have lunch. A healthy food habit is always important to lead a healthy life. The main problem with many of us is we do not maintain a specific diet regime and we eat whatever we like.

    Whenever you are having your food, it is always better not to make the stomach very heavy. So, rather than a heavy breakfast, light lunch and a lighter dinner, keep it light all the time. As Dr Rao mentioned in his reply, finish your dinner as early as possible. It is good for your health if you can have fruits in your lunch. By taking little to moderate amount of food everytime, a lot more health complications can be reduced.


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    The body need enough nutrients to nourish the entire - system and as such we need a breakfast containing adequate amount of Protiens, Fibre, some seasonal fruits and coffee or tea depending upon the individuals. The day - time say 9 am in the morning is the ideal time when the metabolism - function remains in the peak - level and as such even if there is ingestion of heavy- stuff, it is not going to derail one such as indigestion etc.
    In the night, Dinner time is recommended by Vaidyas and Doctors to be taken as early as 8 pm so that there is complete digestion of the stuff prior to retirement to bed. In the night, our metabolism process remains slow and as such heavy food intake is not desirable.

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    It depends on our eating habits our body gets adapted to the same. My father had the same habit he used to have heavy breakfast and never used to do the lunch. But that's what I don't recommend as one should eat something little after 5-6 hours as to remain hungry for a long time is harmful to health especially for the diabetic person like me. Also, doctors advise not to have a heavy dinner as it may cause digestion issues. It's better to have fruits and salads at the night rather than have chapatis.

    It is advised to have a heavy breakfast as we sleep for at least 8 hours and while sleeping we don't eat but our internal organs work so to provide energy which we lose at night is gained by heavy breakfast in the morning.


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    It depends on habit. If a person takes a heavy breakfast and an early dinner, then he/she may not feel the necessity of taking lunch. But very few people in India do so.
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