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    It's better to stop the welfare if we can't do it properly.

    It's very strange I was just going through the news and read that a snake was found in khichdi being served to students of a government primary school of Nanded, Maharashtra. However, there was no report of any student being was affected as the meal distribution was stopped at once. The midday meal was implemented in the government schools in 1996 to motivate people to send their kids to the school. But do you think such cases will really motivate them?

    It is a very serious issue. In the past, too many such cases were reported. I feel the government should stop this facility if it can't take the responsibility properly. I know the case will go in the cold bag and no investigation will be done to the level so that the culprits may be punished. What is your opinion?.
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    Not only this, many of the other welfare schemes of government are getting wasted and is being used by the officials and politicians for their benefit. Even 25% of the actual benefit is nor reaching the needy. Even when there is a natural calamity, the assistance announced by the government will never reach 100% to the victim. In between many filtrations will be there and only a meagre amount will reach the needy.
    This midday meal scheme is implemented very badly. If we go and see the way the meal is made we will never allow our children to touch that food. These days this food serving is being outsourced to somebody in the village. They have to make and serve the food and definitely, they will look for the profit. In between, there will be many formalities. Instead of spending money in this way the government should think an alternative way so that the benefit will be passed on to the student.

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    It is really unfortunate that these schemes are not run with due care and seriousness.

    It means that the problem is of proper monitoring and supervision which is generally lacking in Govt institutions.

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