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    Who is the new empowered woman?

    What does empowerment of women actually mean? Do you think that the present day women are empowered? Has there been a shift in the ground reality or is the process stuck in a myth? The author has expressed his opinion. Let us now discuss this point without getting too much excited. Let us have a fair discussion without indulging in any blame-game.

    A recent superb thread pointed out the need for space for the working woman or a housewife who is not employed. The thread did point out that even the housewife really does need a break. The author had rightly pointed out the need for re-thinking of roles and, more specifically, the views of men on the changing roles.

    Here is a totally different dimension. Who is the new empowered woman?

    * Is she the woman, who is quite commonly seen ( in urban and metro cities, at least three in ten) who virtually want to contradict the views of the husband on every single issue, including the upbringing of children. (there are cases that end in divorce there is no meeting point at all) ? Is this empowerment?

    * Among young unmarried women in the age group of 20-25, there is an increasing tendency to question every single religious or spiritual practice, saying it is " outdated". This is more so in urban India. They can be atheists that literally demanding or influencing the husband to become atheists is dangerous. Is it not? Is this empowerment?

    * Another trend is about modern fashion. The same young unmarried women literally demand that it is their right to dress in the most modern way. Their own parents do not like this. And when the discussion turns towards marriage, the highly educated professional, demands that the husband "adjusts" to their way of life. The ISB and IIM/NIT/IIT men normally understand all this and play ball. The "mamma" boys do not like this. Divorces have begun happening just for this reason. Is this really empowerment?

    Life and more importantly, marriage is always a bigger issue of giving and taking. It does mean adjusting and appreciating the views or ways of thinking of others. But are we now seeing the beginning of a new era of what is sometimes called as "empowered woman"?

    What are the views of Members? At the risk of being branded an MCP, let me clarify. I have just seen the aforesaid three things happening in so many families in three cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai. I know the roaring practice of marital counselors who are laughing all the way to the bank. The girl who is divorced often has a huge identity crisis and with aging parents and the social stigma still being attached, they do lead very difficult lives, though all of them are in good jobs.

    Whom do we then call as "empowered woman"?
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    The mindset of the people of this country is still revolving around marriage. For most of them, marriage is the ultimate goal and selecting the 'right' partner is the only thing they can think of in their whole life. Why can't we think that marriage is an aspect of life and not everything in life? Is there any denying that this is still a male-dominated society and crimes against women are rising everywhere in the country?

    In all the three examples cited by the author, the marital status of women remain prominent and that is our main problem. Empowerment has nothing to do with conflicts. In the first example, it shows the conflicting views of the wife in family matters.

    In the second example, the author's concern is the questions women ask. Why can't they ask questions? Everyone has the right to ask questions and when you are unable to answer you will try to suppress by questioning the motivation behind asking those questions. Is it not subjugation?

    In the third one, I am quite surprised to find that somebody has to take the permission of others to choose their dress and life partners. Rather than trying to find out who is the new empowered woman, we must change our attitude towards women and society as a whole.


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    In simple, all men should treat the women folks equally with due respect. Thus, gender equality is the empowerment of women. Education, marriage, fashion etc has nothing to do with women empowerment.
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    Either it is a man or a woman one should respect other. They should treat the other gender people also in a similar way. There should not be any domination from one side on the others. If we keep this point in mind automatically the women will also feel equal in all respects.
    If wife says something about her child which is not the same as the husband thinks, we can't say is contradicting. That may be her view. Both should discuss and come to an agreement. Then only life will be smooth.
    Questioning the spiritual practice is again an individual interest. That depends on the way he or she brought up. From their childhood if the parents teach them about religion and spiritual matters they may get interested in that.
    Definitely choosing a life partner is the prerogative of the boy / girl. We should not find fault with them. But this behaviour also comes from the environment in which one has come up.

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    When it comes to "empowered women" or sometimes called "modern women", I see two portrayals of them. One that is portrayed by pop media and the actual one. The "empowered women" portrayed in pop culture are the ones that talk about freedom of speech, getting intimate, freedom of dressing and freedom of participation. Is that exactly empowerment though? To me, seeing a woman working hard for her future and for her loved ones is empowerment. Femininity is often being confused with empowerment in these days. No one is restraining the femininity of women. They are free to express and dress the way they feel. But femininity is not a thing that needs flaunting everywhere. Say in schools and universities where people go to study. But so called "empowered" women are trying to "fix" the dressing code as they desire. Things like that are totally not empowerment.
    I hope the newer generation women understand the meaning of empowerment for real and start working for their betterment.

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    It is a fact that women are coming out of the closet and performing in all the fields where earlier men had dominance. It is also true that they have started questioning like the men. Now they do not take things as granted.

    In some cases it may appear as an arrogant outbreak but those are the exceptional cases and even if there was no change in women's condition it could happen. Due to the inherent male superiority embedded in male minds such timid perceptions take place.

    Divorce are happening not due to the women empowerment but inability of the men to adjust with the new age women. If we see the situation in the developed countries women are giving divorce to the men before men could think about it so now the initiative for separation is coming from the other side and naturally men will not tolerate it as till today it was their prerogative.

    So, with the women empowerment setting in place, the relationship conditions are also required to be redefined in totality.

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    Umesh Sir. Excellent point. The key question is: who will redefine the relationship conditions? Is it the woman or the man or both? I would tend to think that the situation where both redefine the relationship conditions is the best and sort of ideal. However, for this to happen, we might even have to wait for a number of years.

    What really happens? The woman has rather romantic and sort of dramatic views that are put into her mind by society and by the changes in the society. Nothing wrong with this, as long as it does not destroy the marriage itself.

    The trick is in what we always call as give and take. Our forefathers did it. I know several cases where the mother is uneducated. Yet, she would have done so much to empower the daughter-in-law. The issue is one of mindset. Such women give their daughter-in-law's total freedom. They are superb in doing so. One might argue that such women are also a total minority. One does hope the modern mother in laws will be more or less tuned to such freedom.

    As long as there is no give and take, in my opinion, nothing is possible. It all depends on how we define the concept of empowerment itself. At the moment. this does point to big confustion.

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