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    Do we make deals with God too?

    Would it be fine to presume that making an offering in a place of worship in return for something good that has happened to you is actually like a deal? Do you promise some offerings to a particular Temple, Church, Mosque etc if you get a wish fulfilled? Give this point a serious thought and join this discussion. Come up with your views in a logical and convincing manner.

    Think of a situation like this. A man is somewhat distressed and confused. Nothing is going in his way and recently all his ventures failed. One of his good friends suggested him to go to a particular temple saying the deity is alive there. Whatever wishes one makes there is fulfilled and for that one has to contribute something in return. The man goes there, prays and his wishes come true. He contributed that special thing which he promised to the deity during his prayer. This is very normal throughout the country and really there are religious places that have magical powers.

    I am not casting any doubts about it or the custom of contributing something to the deity when our wishes are fulfilled. My question is, are we making deals with God? Think about it for a while. This is just like any business deal. It is like "if you give this to me, you will receive this in return". God cannot be an opportunist and his blessings are with everybody whether you make a deal or not. Members, then why we go for such deals?
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    It seems most of the members became very busy to analyze the budget presented yesterday. Yes, do take your time to inspect the complete budget but I just wanted to know your views about the topic discussed in this thread. So, spend a few moments here too and carry forward the discussion.

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    We do make a deal with God. But all our deals or one way only. Whether we make a deal or not, things will go on its own way as per our destiny. God never demands. It is our belief that God listens to us and favour us. At times, it is the coincidence that makes us believe that God accepted our deal. God is impartial and not corrupt.

    @ After the interim Budget, many taxpayers below the 5L income, might visit a temple and break a coconut to please the God.

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    We are ordinary mortals. We always pray to God asking for something. We also pray to God and keep 'mannat' stating that if the particular wish is fulfilled, we will give a special Puja with special offerings.

    I think that people with a very high level of spirituality pray to God for the welfare of humanity or without asking for anything. At least I have not reached such high level.

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    This appears like a deal only. It is a very common issue in our country. My perception in this particular concept is that we need not to offer anything in return to God. We can sincerely pray the God and ask him to see that we will be successful. But God also can't make you successful if you are not doing whatever we have to do. So we should pray for God to give us the required energies to make all efforts to be successful and we should try sincerely.
    Giving a donation to a temple should not be linked with your wishes. The money you are giving as a donation or gift to God is not taken away by God anywhere. This will come back to society and will be useful for society only. We may not be ready to give a donation to society but we will give to the temple. From the temple, it will go to society. Keeping this fact in mind only our forefathers taught us this habit. They want us to give some of our earnings to society in one way or other. The food donation programmes in the temples are feeding many people daily. The money for this is coming from devotees only.

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    If anyone offers something expecting a return is nothing but a deal. It may be to a living 'god' or to a non-living God. Actually, the majority who go to temples or other similar places of worship visit there with an intention of praying. The basic form of the prayers will be a request. Requesting for a good life, requesting to be freed from an ailment or any other similar demands. They are made to believe that if the God is pleased the believer will definitely be benefitted. People consider that God is just like them. If only returns are there, the duty will be carried out by the concerned individual. This has become the rule of the day. In Govt. Offices, though the employees are paid for their job, some of them will do it only if they are separately paid. There the same is called 'bribing'.
    Human mind is always set tuned to this approach. Hence they planned the worshipping at temples, etc., in the same manner. From time immemorial this is the approach in worshipping places.


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    I never make a promise that if my wish gets fulfilled, then I will offer you this and that. It is not my practice. By saying so, I must also accept that when something good happens then I thank God with some offering but it is not fixed priorly. Usually, it is always sweets with which I thank God. I even fight with Him when I am in distress. I feel, if I can accuse Him of all the troubles and pains, then He needs to be prayed with sweets when something good takes place. This is my thought process from the day I have started having faith in God.

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    Origin of the concept of God is as much difficult to decipher out as the origin of the universe itself. Philosophers and thinkers believe that people take solace in God in different ways and due to their cultural and traditional affinities, offer Him in lieu of requests made time to time.

    No one knows for certainty whether these requests are being considered or not as there is no acknowledgement for them. If something good turns in our life we start believing that God is pleased now.

    People believe in God in myriad ways. Even the atheists believe in destiny and say that whatever is destined has to happen. It is the uncertain future and things out of our hands that is the main reason for believing in the Almighty.

    So, the authors contention that is it a deal is true to some extent but it is a one sided deal and results are not known to us in time.

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    This is very common and I think people know that its only God Who can fulfil their wish so they ask God for it and to get something from God they are offering something then I dont think there is anything wrong in it. Like my wife has done many times like if she gets back her golden earring which she forgets where she kept if she finds it she will go to that temple and will offer prasad of 51 Rs and I don't find anything wrong in it as by asking this she is not harming anyone.

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