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    A person who shows his anger and annoyance is not fit for politics

    Will you agree if I say that a person who shows his anger and annoyance to others is unfit for politics?

    Politicians should be mature enough to handle any situation diplomatically with a cool mind. A politician should never attempt to raise his voice against the public, an individual or a group. A politician should discuss issues and argue with a smiling face. Their speech should not irritate the others. They may act aggressively inside the parliament or assembly, but not in a public platform or during an interview.

    What do you say?
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    Sometimes, seasoned politicians show anger and disgust in front of public and television cameras. But these are fake anger and fake disgust.
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    And most of the politicians do this before the elections when they ask for the votes from the public.

    This is not only for the politicians, but also for all we should not show our anger and should keep our head cool in every situation.


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    I do agree with the author, but what we see nowadays is something different. There are many experienced politicians in our country who become irritated inside the house as well as in debates on television channels. Arguing with a smiling face may not be possible every time, but becoming irritated during an argument has become the habit of a few politicians.

    A public figure must maintain the politeness all the time because the most important work for him is to deal with the difficulties of people and finding a workable solution for it. Whenever somebody is angry, she/he loses the presence of mind at that moment and behaves in an unnatural way. The general public will get disturbed by this behaviour and its result will be reflected during elections. Therefore it is always necessary for a public person to remain cool irrespective of the situations.


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    It is true. A politician should never lose his calmness. He should take everything positively and should behave politely with the public. Many politicians will be very polite and never show their anger openly. They may reserve their anger and show it when the time comes.
    If people like a politician they may not mind his anger also, I think. In the recent election campaign in Telangana in two or three meetings KCR was very angry on the public. He used very bad words against them. But people has not shown any anger on him. They voted KCR to power without any hesitation. KCR used to use very bad words against the Andhra people who settled in Hyderabad. But these settlers also voted to KCR only this time.
    So people may be more worried about the benefits they get from the politicians but not the way in which these politicians treat them. Recently AP CM Chandrababu Naidu also shouted on a lady who came to see him in a Railway station and she started talking unpleasant. Immediately Babu started shouting and left the spot without hearing what that lady was trying to tell.

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    Sanjeev Gupta,
    You have said - "And most of the politicians do this before the elections when they ask for the votes from the public." I think you are wrong. If the politicians show their anger and annoyance before the election, they may not get their votes. That is the time to remain cool and calm with a smiling face while seeking votes from the public. A politician should never be seen in an angry mood. It is not a quality of a politician, especially just before the election. They might attack the opposition parties with the war of words, but should do it smilingly.

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    I agree with the author but instead I would say that this is applicable for all other areas too including with the personal & professional lives. To come-up with lots of emotions is a sign of weakness & immaturity & doesn't give you with the positive impression in the eyes of others.

    The another outcome is that this would let your enemy aware of your problems & complications & your enemy can better organize its resources in order to keep you down & at the same time make himself lifted. In the latest of the updates, we have been seeing this in the Indian politics too wherein we can feel the different impressions of the different politicians & this would play a major role when the voters would cast their votes during the election times.

    Even after all this, there might be the possibilities that we may become the achievers in the short run but in the long run this would definitely put you in the wrong side.

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    A good politician will never lose his temper especially on a public platform. Politicians fight elections and then take up the highest posts in our democracy and they have to run the Govt and give results to public for the development and progress. They are responsible to the public and they will not remain in power if they do not perform.

    There are some leaders who entertain hundreds of people in a day and talk to everyone in the most polite and helpful ways. They will ask their problems and try to resolve it through the beaurocratic channels. In earlier times leaders used to have a morning session with the people to understand their problems and delay in their dues etc and this way the leader was making a liaison with the people and gaining their confidence which essentially helped him in getting more support later.

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