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    They want your wellness and well being.

    Smartphones are very useful but they have become a menace in our life as more and more people are falling addicted to them and there are dangers of losing one's health due to faulty postures and not taking appropriate breaks in between.

    Some international hotels and resorts have started schemes to help their guests to get rid of their smartphones temporarily for a few hours in lieu of which they will be given some incentives like the prime poolside seat, free snacks, a lucky draw for coupons and prizes etc. They request their guests to keep their smart home in a lockable pouch which only hotel staff will be able to open.

    If this trend picks up then it may give a big solace to people and they can be away from their phone for some predetermined hours and that will be definitely helpful in getting over the addiction after some time.

    What do you think about this initiative started by some of the international hotels and resorts? Can the methodology be followed at other places in such innovative ways?
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    Smart phones are very useful for many of our activities. The user should know how best he can use his phone for useful purposes. If he is wasting his time it is his foolishness only. Too much is not good in any aspect. We should know where to stop it and when to stop. The initiative that is mentioned in the thread is good and if really participate in such programmes slowly people may stop using their smartphones for time pass. This can be followed in other places also so that people who are getting addicted to these phones may know the uses of taking a little time away from smartphones.
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