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    Do parents have favourite child?

    Recently I was reading an article which says that study on parents revealed that parents also have tgeir favourite child. Parents will always give a diplomatic answer if asked if they have a favourite child but survey says usually parents have the inclination towards the eldest child. According to a study published by the Journal of Marriage and Family, 75 per cent of mothers reports feeling closer to the eldest child, her firstborn. Interestingly, the same study was conducted ten years ago, and the results were the same.

    Can you believe? I dont as being a parent I dont believe on favouritism for me both my kids are equal. What about you?.
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    There was a belief in our area that father will like the eldest child more and the mother will like the youngest child. How far it is true I don't know. I have never noticed such trend anywhere. In my house my father and mother treated all the children in the same. If one child helps them also they say our children helped us. I feel the eldest son will have more responsibility in a house. But affection shown by the parents will be same on all. I have two sons. I treated both of them in the same way only. I have not shown any difference. I never show any disparity between them. My wife also treats them equally. So I feel there is no point in thinking that one child is liked more by the parents.
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    You don't show favoritism yourself. You know, I have been asking myself if a person could love two people at once. I never got a right answer for that. Then I saw that mom loves me and my sister. So I think that is possible. You can love two women at once I thought. But later my love for one of the two women I love faded away. Now only one love interest remains. So this incident now makes me feel that loving more than one person forever is not possible. Maybe mom loves me more. I have always felt that. Mom tries to give me as less work as possible and dad shows equal attention to both us siblings. I guess this survey isn't about parents but mothers exclusively. I think moms do love their eldest child a lot because they were the first to call her "mom". No matter how much she may try, a 0.1% of favoritism is still there towards the eldest of the children. But dads on other hand love their children equally. I think that is why you feel that parents are not the ones to show favoritism.
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    Traditionally people had more affinity for their eldest son. The reason behind this psychology is difficult to understand but being the first child it appears to be natural to have that affection.

    Many people have special love and affection for the youngest one also and it is commonly seen in those families.

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