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    The ME has a serious complaint against members

    On doing an analysis of the contests personally conducted in 2018,
    What does the ME discover?
    The magic number of eleven features on an average
    Which is not a good find.
    From the first one of the Cuckoo Clock e-book
    To the last one of the Dual Interview,
    There seems to be many a blip between the keyboard and the entries sent.
    The ME is most peeved (smilingly) and hopes
    Members shake off their lethargy
    And get back to making contests a hit and giving them popularity!

    This is other than the active GDs and article contests/double reward programs. The contest which had the maximum responses was the ID picture puzzle, with 20 entries.
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    Maybe the Members have been flooded by the contests. And the flood-ravaged Members can't keep track of so many different types of contests all of which require creativity of different types.
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    My complaint against ISC. Have you observed this? The wonderful ISC Logo which used to have the repeated sunrise and sunset with the birds fleeing has now stopped. It has become a still photograph now. I don't know why? Something has gone wrong.

    Please set it right. Let the earth rotate. Let the birds fly. Members would fly back to make the contests hit.

    No life without Sun

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    Partha - Members should take it as a challenge to face the flood of contests, attempting to face the strong tidal waves of variety. Expressing oneself in myriad ways enhances one's skills, surely.

    Sun - There is nothing whatsoever wrong with the logo. The sunrise and sunset continue in a loop, as also the flying birds. Perhaps you are standing still?

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    The number of contests are not much and also we have to make small write ups most of the times about 150 to 200 words.

    Only thing is may be we can think of giving 2-3 days more (except for crosswords or quick contests) for them as some people are doing it as a part time.

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    Probably many of the members are busy otherwise and they are not able to make time for these contests. In some of the contests as pointed out by ME, participation is very less. I think after seeing this thread many members will try to participate in all the contests and make ME happier. For the time editors are putting in for conducting these contests good participation is very much required.
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    The worst response was to the this creative activity, with just six entries despite it being open for two days. Terrible! At the other end of the spectrum was 20 entries for this puzzle. Overall, the riddles and ABC quizzes seem to have got a better response than other types. Perhaps members are only keen on solving riddles and sorting out images, not inclined to apply themselves with any kind of enthusiasm for other types of contests!
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    In my opinion we can even increase the number of contests but in doing so we have to bring in the variety. I am not telling it because I am a retired person and free 24/7 but it will give more choice to the members and even the working persons can get their particular interest to participate in them of course in their spare time.

    Even in forums we are clearly seeing that people (barring a few, including me, who are obsessed with answering every post) are responding in the forum posts selectively depending on their interest.

    You can, if you feel it useful, ask the members about the different types of contests they will like to have or new contests they can suggest in a separate post which can generate ideas to incorporate new contests.

    Please do not reduce the number of contests. I am finding that as the lifeline of forum section.

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    Sorry vandana,
    The ISC logo is perfect with Google chrome, and stands still with Mozilla Firefox. I am using Mozilla Firefox.

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    This is a surprise for me as already there are fewer contests we see here on ISC and still, not many people are participating in these contests. In my opinion, the contests should be more interesting. I think the theme based writeups are not much popular with the people when compared with the cost word and puzzles /riddles. May be ME should think over it and should increase the puzzle based contest to increase participation. Although there are many people like me too who try to participate in all the contests. Contests are the main reason why ISC is famous among people so editors should think of increasing the number of contests.

    One thing I would like to suggest that the results of the contests are delayed. It would be good if the results can be declared before the start of the subsequent contest that will motivate people and may be helpful in increased participation.


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    More and more contests are appreciable. It keeps the participants engaged, and the mind remains active. Puzzles are good, but I would prefer creative write-ups because of being the student of English, such write-ups enhance writing skill which crossword does not do.

    It would be great if results get declared within a small span of time. It intensifies the urge to participate in the next contest. Maybe the participation would increase if there is an increase in prize money.

    Ma'am, the participants are waiting for the result of the write-up contests based on the fear factor. It is always enthralling because the authors get to play with an idea, and language so I am sure, all want to know how the experts have adjudged their work.

    Though I joined long ago, am active on the site from a very short time but now I have become addicted to it. Thanks a lot to you, the webmaster, all the other editors and members to make this site so engrossing.


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    By the way, I missed mentioning a point in my previous comment. I don't know that you have noticed my comment written on the thread about the Christmas E-book or not so I would like to draw your attention towards it. In the E-book there was wrong info given in a chapter which if rectified would be great. Else, the authenticity of the book becomes less. In chapter five the author has written that the name of the elves is according to the names of Santa's elves. In reality, the given names are of Santa's reindeers. A little correction is desirable.

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    Shampa, the write-up contests based on the fear factor, Part 1 and Part 2, have already been assessed and points and cc have been awarded to the eligible entries. It appears that you failed to notice the mention in the announcement threads regarding the conduct of these contests. Please check it out.
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    I also missed that the result of Part 2 had been announced. Absolutely no idea when it was declared.
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    Partha, please refer to my response above. There was no need to declare the results as the announcement thread has clearly mentioned that 'Up to 20 points and 20 cc will be given to entries based on their quality' meaning that the rewards will be added to the responses to the thread itself after the closing date.
    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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    Shampa & Partha - as correctly pointed out by Saji, please refer to the announcement threads.

    Shampa - we did consider the discrepancy of the elves when judging. With regard to announcing results, note that we do not wish to be hasty and merely skim over entries. Whether it is a creative writing contest, a puzzle or a GD, we do want to check and double-check. Quite often, the discussions also get very prolonged in judging the winners when most of the entries are of really good quality! We do try to announce results within at least 10 days of the closing date, sometimes this extending to 15 days when there are more in-depth discussions .

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    You and other members can refer to this thread, where I had requested members to give their input on the contests conducted at ISC. In my last response to that thread, I had also suggested that members are free to make suggestions for contests via a forum thread and, after discussion with the Webmasters, we may take it up if feasible to organize and the topic is acceptable to them. I have already jotted down a few ideas on my ISC Notepad and really want to conduct a treasure hunt soon.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    @Saji Ganesh, Thank you very much for notifying me about the results of both the fear factor contests. I missed seeing the results. I am thankful to the editors for appreciating my write-up for both the contests. Congrats to the members who received cc for their posts and best of luck to each and everyone for the next contest.

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    @Vandana Thank you for noticing the discrepancy. Ma'am, it is the prerogative of the editors to find the right person to adjudge him/her as a winner. Sometimes it will take time, so I have nothing against it.
    Yes, I missed seeing the results of the Fear Factor contests, but now I have checked it. Thank you for finding my entries eligible for points and cc.


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