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    Raise that National Flag little angels

    It is indeed that historic day of the year. It is that memorable day when every Indian inculcates proud patriotic feelings in them. It is that grateful day when all sorts of discrimination reach a dead end. Caste, creed, social status does not matter at all. Everyone comes unitedly on the auspicious day when India was declared a republic nation.

    Raju woke up early this morning to the sounds of patriotic songs and national anthem that were playing on in his neighborhood on amplifiers. He woke up happy and felt cheerful about it. A strange enthusiasm filled in him and thus, immediately got up from the bed. He ran to his mother and asked her to dress him up quickly. His mother too was shocked to see her little son wanting to go to republic day celebration in the colony. It was a chilly morning. His mother dressed him up in a red jacket which was, of course, his favorite one. She took a pink shawl with her.

    Raju along with his mother reached the ground where flag hoisting and a local parade was about to take place. It was an alluring morning. People had taken their seats on the nearby benches to get a good view of the celebration. Raju's mother got busy in searching for a place to sit. Raju met his friend Sunil who was in a dark blue jacket. They both were delighted to see each other.

    In the meantime, a hawker passed by them who was selling various items such as toys, candies, chips packets, flags, and stickers. Raju demanded ten rupees from his mother which she happily gave it to him. After a few minutes, she was shocked to see that he returned with two flags. He gave his one flag to his buddy Sunil. His mother expected him to come with some candies or chips. Instead, he returned with a token of respect and love for the country. Raju's mother felt a sense of pride in her son's choice. The celebration began and both the friends proudly waved the little flags with their little hands in the air.

    (It is an entry for Photo-based TOW - a new dimension).
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    Good post from Reena. Well narrated thematic appreciation. Is it the title with little angles or little angels?
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    It should be Angels not angles.
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    Sorry, I just now corrected my mistake and thanks for the appreciation.

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    A very meaningful post. The description of the pic is so apt. Good luck!

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    Well done and the author has nicely translated the picture in a meaningful theme. A nice narration.
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    A good post. Nicely narrated and it is true many kids feel very happy and go to schools with flags in their hands and participate in the flag hoisting in the school. There is a school by the side of the house in our colony. That day morning I have seen the enthusiasm shown by the kids in that school. A good contribution.
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    A good post and there is a resemblance between the picture and the story. Yes, kids are always enthusiastic in all occasions and if this enthusiasm is channelised by the parents and their teachers it can have a great impact on their lives.

    Children are the future of the country and to make the future wonderful, the adults have a great role. The kids perform wonderfully if they are encouraged to carry out certain works and in this case, the encouragement from Raju' Mother is always appreciable.


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