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    Do we really need the college & higher studies to be successful in life?

    "Being successful" would mean different to different individuals. For few it's the family or this could be the life-style in certain aspects. This list would be long but the most talked about areas are the carrier & the salary & major part of the society are concerned with these aspects of their life & the term "Being successful" too are measured on these grounds.

    Although this can't possibly the case because of the live examples like that of Bill Gates & Sachin Tendulkar who moved with their interests & now we know them as one of the most famous personalities & icons in their areas but even if this remains the fact, don't you feel that being going with the higher studies gives you more options for your carriers growth & financial assistance. There could be the various ways wherein we see this around like it helps you but again it isn't a guarantee of success nor is the lack of it a guarantee of failure but instead it simply improves the likelihood & the chances for having more in either ways.

    I do feel that others too have got with different opinions here. Let's discuss.
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    As far as I am concerned there is no relation between success and education. There are many people who don't have a formal education but they are successful in their lives. At the same time, there are people who are very well educated by they are not successful in their lives.
    Getting a good education may be a success in life, but to be happy in this life we don't require any education. Again what is the meaning of success? Being happy always in life without any enemies and spending a good time is a success for me. Without any financial problems and health problems, if we live our life with our family, it is a success. But it may be different for somebody else. Some may feel accumulating crores of rupees in the bank may be a success. For some success may be getting fame and getting awards and rewards.
    The chances of being successful may be more in the educated lot.

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    The purpose of education is manifold. In addition to making a person wise and knowledgeable it prepares a person for participating in the struggle for success in this world. Most of the places one will not be recruited if one does not have some stipulated qualification. So from that angle basic education as well as higher education is essential. If you do not compete in IIT or some reputed institute you do not have a chance of campus recruitment in a MNC.

    It means education is a necessity to get a white collar job for livelihood or a better job for prospective career.

    There are exceptions where people do not go for formal education but due to their innovative and enterprising skills they are tremendously successful in life. But there numbers are few and that can not be generalized for everyone.

    If we see the statistics in a wide population we will find that higher education is needed for success in life. We should not count the exceptional cases where even after higher education because of lethargy and lack of motivation a person becomes a dullard.

    Knowledge is power.

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    No, I dont think so there is no correlation between success and education. Education makes us civilised but doesn't guarantee success in life. Success comes with hard work, skill and knowledge of the particular work one are doing. I have seen lots of people who are not educated but are successfully leading a good life. Even many of my schoolmates who dint even see the college are successful. Moreover, I don't think that someone who has lots of money is called a successful person. There are many other factors which are considered when we call a person successful. Below is the thread which I started on the same.

    Do you think there is a correlation between success and education.


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    Can we find a relation between education and success in life? Of course, one has to define, first, what is a successful life. Is it earning and leading a luxurious life? Or is it a becoming a learned person and becoming a known figure ? Or anything else? There are several personalities who have shined as good leaders even without studying anything. Because of their governance capacity they would have shined above others.
    On the other hand there are several people who are well educated, but roaming around without even finding a suitable job. I know several persons in Universities, who even after taking a doctoral degree are sitting idle without finding a suitable job. They just join a temporary project lasting for two or three years, and after that go searching for other engagements.
    Hence, these days the education is not at all a sign board to a successful life. May be less than fifty percent doing a job suited to their educational qualifications. Many of the High school teachers are having PG degrees, though the same is not a necessary qualification for High school teachers. In short, one cannot relate a successful life to the level of educational qualifications.


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