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    Continuous learning is not a choice in today's business environment, it is a necessity.

    The scientific and technological advancements have made today's business environment dynamic and competitive.

    The innovators, entrepreneurs and the seasoned businessmen all are introducing newer and newer versions of merchandise in the market and creating a cut throat competetion in the marketing and selling of the products.

    In such a scenario the people working in these organisations have to keep abreast with the latest to survive and stay in the market. So there is no choice except learning the things on a continuous basis. It is not a choice but necessity.

    What are your views on this matter?
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    In the present day market, many jobs are in IT and artificial intelligence only. A lot of research and development is going on these two fronts in multiple ways. So if one is not getting updated with the latest developments and changes he will become outdated. So people who want to go up on the ladder should go for updating their soft skills and knowledge. In some cases, this is required even for retaining the job also.
    I have finished my studies and I have settled in the job. So I need not worry. Those days are gone. Nobody wants to travel with the people who don't get updated with the development. So I agree with the author that continuous learning is not a choice but it is a requirement these days.

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    Continuous learning is important for the development and prosperity of an individual, being well informed and conscious of the latest developments is the requirement of the day.
    If you don't look up to the latest trends and happenings around, you are considered a dump. So, learn to know as learning is essential: when you know things well you become confident and positively put your point forward and sometimes people seek your opinion in most important matters in life.

    Continuous learning is a power booster; it nourishes the mind and soul of an individual. If you are not learning start it now, you will feel better!

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    Continuous learning has become a part of the job now a days and those who can not keep a pace with the new and emerging trends are going to be the losers.

    The technology is changing with fast pace and it is not everyone's cup of tea to chase it successfully. It requires continuous hard work and involvement in one's job to reach that level. Most of the people are not able to achieve these targets and remain mediocre in their career.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Continuous learning is indeed a necessity to keep up with the pace of development. Actually, learning is a continuous process and when you are working in any organization you must be aware of the changes taking place there. Not only at organizations, in real life too you need to stay updated with the latest things.

    For example, the smart mobile devices that we use in our daily lives were not much widespread even 10 years ago. At that time all were used to handle those mobile phones with keypads. When the touch-enabled devices arrived people learned about the functionalities of them and started using them efficiently. In every field, technology has brought a huge change and to keep up with the changes it is always necessary to learn all those changes.


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