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    They are the future patriots of our country

    Rakesh was in the army and was on a short leave. It was republic day and flag hoisting was arranged in the nearby park by the local housing societies in that area.

    When Rakesh reached there he found many people standing in the park around the flag which was to be hoisted soon. As Rakesh was wearing army dress the children were looking to him with curiosity. He smiled back to them.

    Soon the flag was hoisted by a senior of the area and some flags and balloons were distributed to the children followed by sweets and chocolates. Some of the children did not get the flags. Rakesh saw these 4-5 children who were just standing and yearning for them.

    Rakesh went outside the park and purchased some flags from a boy selling them at the other side of the road. He distributed these to the children and they started to wave it in the air and were very happy.

    Rakesh was also feeling happy. He called them and they ran towards him.

    He then lifted two of them and placed them on the top flat of the park railings and told them to wave it to the passers by. Now the children were very excited and started to wave and shout 'Jai Hind' and 'Vande Matram' to the people walking on the road who also started reciprocating to them.

    Rakesh sat on the bench behind the children and was happy to see them and was thinking that they were in fact the future patriots of the country.

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    The author deserves applause for the efforts she has put in this thread which is very meaningful and well narrated. A well-written story involving an army man, small kids and the Republic day celebration. All the best.

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    Good narration by the author. The special thinking of the army man is well described in the narration. He has given them the flags and made them happy and seen that they will encourage other people also to say Jai Hind and Vandemataram. The people who are safeguarding the nation against the neighbours will always feel that the nation should be independent forever. They wish to train the future generation in such a way that they will take up the responsibility of upkeeping the interests of the country over the self-interests. Good presentation.
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    The theme of the post that children will be the future of our country is good, meaningful and indicative of a better tomorrow.

    The story is well conceived and well presented.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The nice story narrated by the author. It happens with the kids, they stare at the army or military people (in uniform) with curiosity. It was so nice of Rakesh that he bought flags to these kids.

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    For an army man, the nation comes first which is wonderfully described in a perfect ambience. When Rakesh saw a few of the kids without flags, he immediately purchased the flags from a vendor nearby and gave them to the kids.

    The excitement of the kids after receiving the flags is understandable when they started to say 'Jai Hind' and 'Vande Mataram' by waving at the passersby. The patriotism is instilled in the kids from these actions. They are the future of a country, they are the Patriots.


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