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    India is in the hands of future generation

    Our ancestors and the great freedom fighters of India stood up together and struggled for the freedom of the nation. After our independence, the next generation leaders took up the responsibility and started to rule the democratic nation. Years are running, the leaders are changing, but till now one dream of India that still remains unfulfilled is the dream to become a developed country. India is the most populous country in the world with a population of more than 1.3 billion people but sadly it is holding a label 'developing country'. Is our nation taking the necessary steps to achieve the dream? We can't say no because in recent years we can spot an immense growth in the field of science and technology and various other fields. The young brains of the present generation are super talented and have high exposure to the latest technology, but hardly very few gains the opportunity to expose their talent because of the social problems like discrimination, unemployment, communalism, casteism, crime, poverty, corruption, religious violence etc. that are prevailing in the society.

    Only youths have the power to transform India into a developed country. But because of the growth of the unwanted social weeds in the society, the growth of the complete nation is getting ruined. The poisonous social weeds that exist in the society can be removed only with the help of the youths. If the youngsters are given 100% education and employment, then possibilities are there for the eradication of the major problems such as illiteracy and poverty. The youths are the present and the future of India. If the kids of the future generation are provided with quality education and necessary infrastructure, then definitely they will uplift India to a different level because the children of today are the future of tomorrow.

    To me, the photograph is really a symbol of future India. The happy smile in the face of the little kids and the Indian national flag in their hands spread a high degree of positivity. I see them as future leaders and more positively their pose gives me a ray of hope that they will take care of the nation in a better way and help us to achieve the dream of becoming a developed country.

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    A good write up by the author. It is very true that today's children are the citizen of tomorrow and everything depends on them as how they want to make this country come up in the world canvass.
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    Very good narration and that is what we all expect from the children. Children are the future of a country and in a country like India where the population of youth is huge, actually, more than 60% of our population is below 35 years, it can make a huge difference.

    The only problem is the utilization of the youth and ensuring a bright future for the children. The author has rightly pointed out that lots of social discriminations still prevail in our country which is impeding the overall development. If all the youths get suitable employment then there will be no poverty. There may be various reasons for the prevailing situation. People may say it's because of policy paralysis, corruption, polarisation and actually, it's a mix of many things. Let the youths come up with solutions with innovative ideas so that the country can become developed within a short span.


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    It is an excellent write-up and attempt by the author. She has rightly pointed out lots of social problems that are existing in our society that are preventing our country from transforming into a developed nation from a developing one. Growth is taking place and that too at an enormous rate in almost every sector. Still, the condition is as it is. It is the youths who should be given the powers now. They have the leadership qualities and the urge to bring necessary and right changes to do the needful. The last paragraph narrated by the author is the highlight of the post. All the best.

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    Today's children are tomorrow's citizens. That is always correct. So today's citizens should see that tomorrow's citizens also will understand the struggle our forefathers had to make the country involved and they should be taught how to make the country a developed country. But unfortunately, the present day citizens interests are in a different way. That is the reason for the present state of affairs. There is nobody to teach people good ways to be followed in life. Hope the children will learn all good traits and make the nation a developed nation by forgetting all the evils that are existing in the society as on date.
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