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    Write Mahabharatha in 100 words

    This is to test your ability to precis writing. Mahabharatha is an epic containing hundreds of pages. It is a war story between 5 Pandavas and 100 Gauravas.

    Can you accommodate this epic in a nutshell with 100 words? Let us see who all makes it.
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    I am trying.

    They were five sons of younger brother, but they fought relentlessly with sons of elder brother for the empire. Sons of the elder brother defended ferociously. Sons of the younger brother became fighters. First two sons of the elder brother became tactical genius. With the help of their maternal uncle, they surreptitiously defeated their cousins and sent them to exile. After returning, they demanded share of empire, but sons of the elder brother declined. There was a clan war, and with help from Krishna, the Chanakya of Dwapara, five brothers killed sons of the elder brother and got the kingdom. (100 words)

    That is the Mahabharata.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    Pandu Raju is the younger brother of Dhritarashtra. As Dhritarashtra is blind by birth Pandu has become the ruler of the kingdom. 5 sons of Pandu and 100 sons of Dhritarashtra were never in good terms. Pandu Raju is dead and Dhritarashtra has given some part to Pandavas and started ruling the remaining kingdom with the help of his eldest son Duryodhana. Dharma Raj lost in the game with Duryodhana and went to Aranyavasa for 13 years and 1 year in exile. Finally, there was a big war between the two. Lord Krishna was on Pandavas side. Pandavas won the battle.

    This is Mahabharata in about 100 words.

    always confident

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