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    "Diamonds are forever."

    "Diamonds are forever" is a famous James Bond film of 1971. "A diamond is forever" is a slogan that was made popular by the De Beers Jewellers to improve their diamond business. The diamond engagement ring was made popular and came to be associated with eternal love and affection. The diamonds can be assumed to outlast us though they degrade to graphite over a very long period which is beyond our imagination.

    Coming to ISC, we, the members, become 'Diamond' after a period of time with a lot of effort and contribution to the site. Once we relax, it takes no time for the ISC to forget the love and affection and to transform us into Gold (not Graphite) in no time. All the efforts and contributions are forgotten. Hope the ISC will recognize the contribution of the members and see that "A Diamond is forever."
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    A very good post from the author. A diamond is a diamond forever. Diamonds are having a long life and it will take a lot of time to become graphite. Basically, graphite is also carbon and diamond is also carbon.
    So I also support his proposal to consider a diamond as a diamond forever and never make it gold.

    always confident

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    Diamond is forever as its shine never diminishes. Similarly, the diamond member of ISC becomes a diamond because it shines on the site and unlike the real diamond it turns to gold when it stops shining. I am a gold member and I am trying to turn in to the diamond this year.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    I strongly second your thought to have ISC diamond forever. Once an award is awarded, it is a permanent award to possess and feel proud. There cannot be a change or withdrawal of that award. An Olympic gold medalist remains a gold medalist forever, even if they get a brown medal in the next Olympics.

    ISC is peculiar to this phenomenon of awards. ISC awards are temporary and she takes back all the awards if required. ISC should change this.

    No life without Sun

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    After such a long time, I agree with Mr.KVRR. Along with all Members, I represent to the ISC management to make ISC Diamonds forever (i.e., permanent).
    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    As per my perception these levels are as per activity of the members and accordingly ISC has framed some guidelines in this regard.

    If we want diamond is forever, they will have to change their policies in this regard. Before taking a decision the owner of this online property will think it's repercussions also as some of the members after reaching their diamond level may become less active or stop their contributions and in a sense retire from ISC. Even some of the editors may also follow the suit.

    ISC will not like to lose its senior members and experienced editors in that fashion as it can bring a temporary gap in its volume of top rated posts and even result in a setback. So from a business point of view it does not seem feasible to me but if ISC wants it can modify the existing system in any beneficial way to its members as well as to itself.

    Knowledge is power.

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