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    Let’s keep our heads high & on top of the world.

    If we go back to the era of our independence then possibly many wouldn't have believed onto this but when the time moved ahead a bit then they finally came to realize of this fact which finally has taken place but somehow with loss of emotions the unexpected tears thrown out onto their faces uncontrollably. We in 2019 just got with the imaginations about what actually would have happened in that time. During more than 200 years of British rule & tenancies & with having through lots of sacrifices & deaths of the freedom fighters that now we are enjoying the freedom but do we really value it? I don't feel so because of a simple reason that the same is not being evident of anywhere & the same being the saddest part of the 21st century India.

    Let's be evident of few of the facts here-
    1. On Life expectancy India comes at 125 number as per WHO, 2015 data.
    2. On Global Hunger Index India comes at 103 as per Oct'18 data.
    3. On Literacy rate, India ranks 168 as per UNESCO, 2015 data.
    4. On Global Gender Gap Report, India ranks 108 as per World Economic Forum, 2018 data.
    5. On Gender Inequality Index, India ranks 125 as per UNDP, 2015 data.

    The above will for sure wouldn't make you happy but after a long time the trend seems to be changing fast with India being improving on each aspects. In addition, the members would also agree that our country has more complications & diversity & within all these we still have one common cause for being united & the Indian flag can only be the option here & after seeing the picture I can confidently conclude to the point that "YES" it is possible.

    My entry for the TOW contest.
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    Yes. These days India is improving in many aspects. The country is progressing on many fronts. There are different people in the country with different religions, castes, and regions. But there is one common factor that is we are all Indians. India is an example of unity in diversity. But the politicians are trying to divide and rule. If people can know this and go together with anything and everything is possible for a country like India. So the elders should teach the kids about the Indian, Indian trend and everything as an Indian only but should not dwell upon other aspects like region, religion and caste. Then we will see tremendous progress.
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