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    The dream to lead the Nation!

    Soham is feeling very happy today. He is going to the picnic. Winter is always his favourite season because every winter, during Christmas holidays they go out on a tour. Other than the tours, occasionally during the weekends in this season, they go on a trip around the town. He enjoys adventure and this time he is very excited because he is going to the picnic for the first time. As a five-year-old kid, an outing is always special and in this picnic, most of the kids in his neighbourhood will be there. He packed the set of building blocks, two balls and the pack of card games. He was searching for the National Flag to carry along with him as the picnic is on 26th January, the Republic Day. He loves to see when the Tricolour is flying.

    Soham likes to play with building blocks the most and enjoy drawing pictures. His parents are very cautious and never hand over any mobile device to him for playing games. Last week, he won the drawing competition where he has drawn a beautiful landscape, getting inspired from their last tour to Delhi. The tour to Delhi inspired him because of all the historical forts there. Along with this visit, his father described some historical facts related to a few of the forts. After listening to them Soham wanted to become a King. It was difficult for his parents to make him understand about a monarchy and democracy, but after knowing that it is not possible to become a King in a democratic country he settled for becoming the Prime Minister. His father told him how important it is to love the country and the people and this somehow instilled patriotism in him. The love for the National Flag has been developed since then.

    He took out the flag that was neatly kept inside the cupboard and started looking at it. His parents told him about freedom, Independence Day and Republic Day. To him, it's difficult to interpret all these meanings now and he only thinks he can solve all the problems of the country by becoming the Prime Minister.

    They all travelled by the bus arranged for this special occasion and arrived at the picnic spot by 9 AM. Since it was the Republic Day, the Tricolour was hoisted there at the picnic spot too where all of them participated. They all sang the National Anthem. The small National Flag he is carrying was always there in his hand. Just after the flag hoisting program ended, Soham started to move forward with the flag. The other kids followed him. He jumped on to a bench and started to recite a poem with the National Flag in his hand held high. He started:

    "Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high
    Where knowledge is free……………"

    After the recitation ended, a big round of applause from all the elders present there was heard.

    (Soham recited the original poem in Bengali, I have given here the English version for the convenience of the readers)

    This is my entry to the Topic-based TOW
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    Good. The narrated story is very nice. The boys should develop a liking towards the country. That will make them good citizens. Whatever the elders taught during their childhood will be there in the mind forever. The author has very clearly shown the interest the boy had towards the nation.
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    That's a good story narrated by the author. That's how we can instil the feeling of the patriotism in the kids to build them in the responsible person in life. Similar to this story I also take my kids to the historical places and tell them about the stories related to them so that they may know about the rich culture and history of our country and thats important for them to know.

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