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    New for more Entrepreneurship education in all Universities

    One of the main aims of education is also to prepare a big generation for success in different fields. This does include entrepreneurship as well. However, there are very few attempts to convert the spirit of entrepreneurship into actionable skills that will result in more entrepreneurship in practice.

    The State and Central Government Universities should do something in this regard. The Government of India will do well to start what can be called the National Institute of Entrepreneurship, (NIE), through a Government grant. Once this is done, this institute should be formed in all the four major metro cities. The other institutions can come later.

    There should be an entrance examination on the lines of IIM and the best practices and the best of experiences from abroad should be brought to the classroom in the form of case studies. The students should be trained by mentors from the local industries and the case-studies of Indian successful entrepreneurs should be included in the curriculum. At present, there is only one institute at Ahmedabad and this is doing very good work. However, the national movement should happen through advanced research and practice-oriented teaching. Simultaneously, the major Universities should also start such courses under the mentorship of the respective NIEs.

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    These days education is not developing any skills which are required for an Entrepreneurship. The young people these days should develop skills required for an entrepreneur and should be able to provide employment to two or three people. The universities should design the courses keeping this in the mind. But no attempt is made in that direction.
    Indian Institute of Management is doing to some extent work in this direction. But unfortunately, the students from these institutes are joining in MNCs and big companies with lucrative salaries. They are feeling it is safe to get good money.
    Another issue is there is no relation between the education and entrepreneurship. Many successful entrepreneurs are basically not even qualified in that direction.

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