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    Do you know this great warfare?

    Do you know this? Apart from Mahabharatha's Kurushetra war of 18 days, the war of Viraat is great. Why I say this, because Mahabharata's Kurushetra war was fought between 100 Gouravas with Bhisma, Drona, Kripa, Karna & Aswatama and 5 Pandavas with Lord Krishna(18 days war). Whereas Viraat war was fought between lone Arjuna on one side and the great Bhishma, Drona, Kripa, Duryodhan, Dutchadhan, Karnan and Aswathama on the other side with their troops. (It was a one day war)
    In that war, Arjuna won it by using Chemical Warfare. He used poisonous gas to make his enemy force unconscious.

    @Chemical warfare is dangerous but helps to win a war.

    Your comments please.
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    In ancient times it is said that they knew anything in archery. Arjuna being a good archer had won many battles. But maybe Lord Krishna had asked him not to use any chemical weapon in the war.

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    Although presently I can't exactly remember, most probably the 'Brahmasthra' is being indicated. But I have heard that the Brahmashtra was an atomic weapon, not a chemical one.

    However, in the Mahabharata, we get description of different types of interesting weapons like Brahmashira, Brahmasthra, Pasupatasthra, Vaishnavasthra, Narayana Astra, Agneyasthra, Vayavasthra, Nagasthra, Vajrasthra, Varunasthra . One of such weapons is 'Jrimbhika'. This weapon used to cause the soldiers to yawn in the battlefield. Most probably, this weapon used a chemical (maybe a gas) which made the soldiers sleepy.

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    The gas used by Arjuna will make the people unconscious for some time. That is chemical warfare only. The gas will have its effect for an hour or so. In that time the animals were diverted back to the kingdom of Virata Raju.
    We know there are different warfares used in Mahabharatha. But they may be different from what we are using today. These days the weapons what we use will have its effect on a specific area. But those days they are very specific. Arjuna used Pasupatasthra which killed only Karna. If what we are using these days where used those days means, the whole Kurukshetra might have vanished with one Astra. So much of war for so many days is not at all required. Those days the war is face to face but not from behind. There is a lot of difference. We can't compare those astras with the modern warfare what we are using these days. These are all entirely different and the effect is very high when compared to the old ones.

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    In olden times there might be some weapons developed from naturally occurring chemicals (especially derived from plants, household items and other materials) which may be fatal for humans. The warriors of that time must be getting training in those warfares and used them in the wars.

    Today that knowledge has gone in oblivion and we do not possess any technical literature about it. So some people feel it as the flight of imagination also or just a mythological story.

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