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    "The train took me to the wrong direction"

    When it comes to maintaining the time, for a few it is always a difficult task. You will find the trains running late, projects getting delayed and many people moving in a leisurely way as if they are holidaying. Though it varies from place to place, in many places people are less cautious about time. Surprisingly, nowadays when we have mobile devices giving accurate time there cannot be any excuse like the watch is running late or stopped functioning midway. The habit of being late and finding excuses every time is indeed a cumbersome task. Those who are managing important portfolios, they do not have the privilege of being late all the time.

    Have you ever tried to find out the reason behind this habit of being late every time? Laziness may be one of the reasons and there are so many other factors. But the most interesting part of all these is the excuse one provides to prove his point.

    The other day, I was in a meeting and another person was supposed to attend there. He came much late. On asking he started to scratch the head and after a while told us, "What I will do"? "The train took me to the wrong direction and all of us had to pull the chain to stop it". The situation didn't permit us to laugh, but all of us became really confused.
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    That's very strange. People have the habit of finding excuses for such things. I dont like people who keep waiting for others for them. They think their time is precious others are sitting idle. I have seen many such people in my life and I usually dont waste my time for such people.
    You should have asked this fellow is he not literate? Why did he sit on the train who was going in another direction? He was just making fools of yours because it can never happen. He should have searched for some better excuse which can be believed on.


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    Many times it happens with many people. It is a practice for many people to come late to the meeting. The higher the rank the more the delay. Generally, for a meeting, all the people will come and wait. After 15 to 20 minutes late only the MD will come to the meeting. He may be big but what right he is having to waste the time of other people. This simple point they will conveniently forget. They need not give any explanation to anybody.
    Yes. Getting late and telling some silly reason is very common in the offices. Near our office, there is a railway gate. If anybody is late they used to blame the railway gate. The delay due to the gate maybe 5 minutes but even 30 minutes late also they will through it on the same. This is the tendency.
    In India, it is very common that they will not maintain time for any meeting. The people who maintain time will lose time as they have to spend time simply sitting and waiting for the other people to come.

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    Very few people are punctual and understand the value of time. Some people take false pride in reaching late.

    Punctuality is a cultural trait and people learn it from others as well as from the environment. If culture is not conducive, people take it lightly. In some countries like Japan, it is said that people schedule their minute to minute programs like a machine or robot.

    In our country, sometimes reaching in time becomes embarrassing. When I was superannuated from service I was invited for my farewell party. It was in a nearby town. I went there and talked to the host there who informed me that the party was at 7 PM and the venue was such and such. As I found that it was very near to where I was staying, I informed them that I would be reaching there on my own and they should not bother for it.

    In the evening, as I had nothing to do I reached the venue at sharp 7 PM. I peeped inside and found that some people were there, doing some arrangement, whom I did not know and my host was not there.

    I was in a somewhat embarrassing situation and quickly took a U-turn and thought better to be away from the place for some time. I took a short walk and came back after 20 minutes. I found the host and other people standing on the entrance with a bouquet to welcome me. I smiled and entered but did not disclose my experience with them.

    So we have become habituated of expecting some slippage from everyone on this account.

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    The precedence set by the seniors becomes the practice. If the boss himself is coming late in the meetings or other scheduled functions then what can be expected from the subordinates.

    We learn from our elders and seniors and feel pride in mimicking their ways.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Even though we are excellent in different areas, but we may lack punctuality. We may advance certain explanations justifying the reason for the delay. These excuses are the lame excuses and the following explanations are irritating to the listeners but that is not going to affect them. To be punctual in any function calls for a personnel commitment and once we practice the same religiously, no embrassing situation would develop.

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