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    That's how the Patriots are made

    Just a look of the given picture transported me immediately to the group discussion based upon the topic that responding to attendance with 'Jai Hind' or 'Jai Bharat' would either instil patriotism in the children or not.

    In the picture, the two little kids are waving the Indian national flag enthusiastically. To them, it's just a flag which they are continuously waving in the foggy morning of a chilly day which usually gives the grown-ups a shiver in their spine while going out in the open whereas these children in their winter clothes seem to enjoy the ongoing event relentlessly.

    The children are not aware of what is the meaning of Jai Hind and Jai Bharat, in the same way, they are unaware of the relevance of the flags they are waving. It's obvious that the teachers, parents and others would definitely explain to them about their national flag and its importance. That's how the seed of patriotism is planted in these children from such a young age, and the Indian Flag becomes their heart and soul.

    Suppose the children get the national flag of any other country to wave in some other event, Certainly, they would ask for the Indian National Flag only and reject the other flag. In a very sporting way, the feeling of being Indians gets ingrained in the children. See, these excited children who are engrossed in waving the Indian tricolour, don't you agree they are the would-be spearheads of India?

    The awareness of being an Indian and the knowledge about the Indian National Flag automatically fills the national spirit within the kids, and that's how the Patriots are made. Today's little hearts of India with such a sweet smile on their face look to become the true Patriots. It is a treat to the audience, and also creates a grand expectation from the upcoming generation to fulfil the duties of true Indians.

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    The basic idea of involving the children in these activities is actually to inculcate the feeling of national honour and patriotism from this age itself so that when they grow up it is already embedded in their personality. This is an essential part of learning while growing up.
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    And this is how the feeling of patriotism in the children can be inculcated. Kids are the future of the nation and therefore to make our country developed we need to develop a feeling of love in kids for their country. We all know that this feeling cannot be forced into kids it can be done by explaining them and tell them about the stories our freedom fighters how they sacrificed their lives for the freedom of our country. As the mind of kids can easily be moulded so we must try to help our kid to develop affection and respect towards our country.

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    Good. The author made a good explanation and told about inculcating patriotism in the kids. True. These activities will definitely bring in love for the native country and they always think of their country when they see any other country. Definitely, they will look around for an Indian flag when they see the flags of other countries. The parents and grandparents should take all pains and see that their children and grandchildren will develop a sense of love towards the country. Making them participate in gatherings for flag hoisting and telling them good stories about various freedom struggle will make them more patriotic.
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