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    They got themselves back to their roots

    Mr. Sujit who had been working in the US since last 10 years was in India for vacations along with his wife and two sons 5 years and 8 years old. Since his children were born and brought up in the US they had got used to custom, lifestyle, and environment there. His sons asked him, ”Oh Papa! When will we go back to the US? India is so boring and backward. I cannot mingle with kids here, they are so odd”. Mr. Sujit was very worried about his two sons not being able to adjust to Indian culture as after 2 years he was planning to return to India and settle here.

    His main intention of coming to India this time was to make his kids acquainted to the Indian culture and traditions. He made them sit with their grandmother who told them stories of how India struggled to get independence and how it progressed after it. He started telling them about the rich culture of India and how it was different from the world. He even visited many places depicting cultural heritage and customs of people of India. He explained to them how in spite of not being advanced India is progressing rapidly and said that their roots were here only. Mr. Sujit was not sure how much his efforts would help.

    On the cold morning of 26th January – The Republic day Mr. Sujit had planned to take his sons to a flag hoisting ceremony in their town. But he was surprised not to find his two sons in the house. Little worried he ventured out of the house and started walking along the road in search of his sons. To his great relief, he observed his two sons in red and blue jackets, cap and blue denim standing on the boundary of the footpath and waving Indian tricolor flag. There were shouting the slogan “Happy Republic day”, “Bharat Mata ki Jai”, “East or West, India is the Best”. Mr. Sujit could not believe his eyes that they were his children. After all his efforts to bring his children back to their roots succeeded. This Republic day was so special to him. Now he could come back and settle in India without any worries.

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    A nice depiction of patriotism and Republic day celebrations by the kids who have come to India on a break. The parents will be definitely happy to see such gestures. The message of the post is really very good. An Indian will be Indian, wherever he resides in the world.
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    It not easy to adapt ourself in another country and the same happened with the kids of Sujit as they could not mingle in the environment of India after coming back from the US. It would have been very pleasant feeling for their father that his kids understood and took an initial step to adjust in the country where their father was thinking settle back. Nice narration by the author.

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    Mr. Vij,

    I knew the outcome of this narrative, after reading just the 'first paragraph'. You see I was awake way 'past midnight'!

    Now let's discuss our culture.

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    An excellent story of instilling the sense of patriotism in the minds of young children who are more accustomed to western culture. Although not clearly mentioned, I think the children's grandmother played a significant role in changing the attitude of the US-born children.
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    Many kids we were in other countries and come to India for a few days are not able to get adjusted here. This problem is being faced by many NRIs. My co-son in law's son in law settled in America. After staying there for about 15 years, now they want to come back to India. But their children are not accepting the proposal. Both the parents are worried. Last year they all came here and here for about 2 months. But they never got adjusted here. Even that family purchased a good independent house in Bangalore. Now they may come again this here and stay for 2 months to see whether their children will get adjusted.
    A good narration by the author and well written. Good attempt.

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    A similar problem is now a big challenge for many senior Indians when they plan to get back to their root, India, but it becomes difficult for their offsprings, young Indians, to accept the decision warmly. It is good that the author has presented a positive change in young minds. It is a well written and well-presented story,

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