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    I don't understand their economics

    Earlier, whenever the present ruling party at the Centre used to mention the GDP growth statistics and various other development statistics, the leaders of the opposition parties and some top intellectuals would say that these statistics were/are meaningless without any populist measure for the people.

    Now the Government has presented a populist, election-year budget. When the voters don't care about policies and long term factors, the people ultimately get budgets which throw candies. The present Government brought major policy changes like the IBC, RERA, Diesel Deregulation and the biggest tax reform to date, i.e., GST. But, policies don't win votes. The Government pushed on the biggest social schemes for making cooking gas, electricity, toilets, health insurance, universal. But, social schemes for long-term don't win votes. Ultimately, our democracy runs by throwing free money.

    Now the present budget has exactly done that. It has thrown free money. But even now the opposition leaders and intellectuals are not satisfied. Now, they are saying that it is an 'unethical' budget.

    What is unethical? If the next Government wants to continue these populist proposals, it can do it. If the next Government doesn't, it would replace these with revised proposals.

    What is the objection? Why don't I understand their economics (politics)?
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    Partha, you got it that the budget is election focussed. The objection is to the fact that it is not an interim budget as it should have been. Promising so much when they are not sure that they may be able to fulfill them is nothing less than taking the voters, We, the people, for a ride.

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    But the question raised in this thread is little bit different. What is 'unethical'? Are the proposals bad (according to the opposition leaders and intellectuals)? If they feel that these proposals are bad, then, as they claim that they will surely come to power, suitably change/revise these proposals. After all, it is a matter of another three months, isn't it?
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    There is nothing unethical. Earlier promises were made in the campaign for election. But these days government is showing and distributing money before the election from government money to win the election. KCR did the same thing just before the Assembly is dissolved. AP CM Babu is also doing the same. The same is the case with the central government. The ultimate aim of any party is to be in the government. All these Modi tried different methods to win the confidence of the people. It has taken 4 years to him to gauze the Indian Voters correctly. In India development is not required for the voters. They want free money and free sops. So BJP government also fallen into the same route. With this budget, the chances for BJP improved. This will be unethical to other parties. Nothing special is there. They thought this government will not give anything free. But their expectations went wrong. That is why all this Hungama.
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    Opposition parties generally do not agree with the policies announced by the ruling regime.

    They use words like - unethical, false, bogus, vote-seeking, dictatorship etc. They do not have any positive way of responding to the Govt decisions.

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    In our country unfortunately the opposition groups are not playing a constructive role. They are opposing everything on one pretext or other.

    The budget proposals announced are definitely in the people friendly and populist mode but it is only an interim thing and there are many factors in future which will affect these decisions greatly. So, there is no point in making unnecessary hue and cry in this matter by the opposition parties.

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    It is not unethical. Maybe unethical for the opposition parties. By announcing the rebate for income upto 5 L, the ruling party has paid Rs. 12500/- to all the salaried middle-income group employees, officially, from the government fund. It is not for 2018-19. It is for the next year. A good policy adopted by a government nearing the end of its term, and set a pre-election trend.
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    There is nothing ethical or unethical in the politics but the other parties are always trending & adopting for the ways which will lead to downsizing the actions of the ruling parties. This is good to note that it's neither the first time nor the last time that the ruling party has come-up with the promises & the opposition parties are finding it difficult to praise it but is left with the options of to go against to it. From the expert's opinion & from the expressions of the opposition alliance partners this is for sure that this is going to be the election friendly interim budget for the NDA. We have lots of good points from the other members as well & is quite evident from the below link,

    2019 Interim Union Budget of India - who benefits, who doesn't - let's discuss

    For few among us including me had a doubt of about why even after being an interim budget the government has come-up with such outlines but then this became very much clear from the after budget speeches of the PM Modi & FM Piyush Goyal, that the government has planned this considering the long term situations of say for ten years. We should appreciate this government that they are implementing the projects with long terms vision & therefore seems very much practical. I do remember the statement of our previous PM wherein he replied to the Demonetization that "in the long we all are dead". By the way it is still the people to decide about what is wrong & what is right.

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