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    He was just waiting for this Parade

    On this year's Republic Day, the very few surviving INA veterans took part in the Parade. INA Sepoy Bhagmal (Retd.) was one of these four. Due to the narrow-minded approach of some political leaders, these great soldiers did not get due recognition during all these years. They earlier never took part in the Republic Day Parade. Ultimately, we, the people of the nation, have been fortunate to see these four veterans, all of whom are/were well above ninety, in the Republic Day Parade.

    Sepoy Bhagmal had been waiting to attend this Parade. Only after 6 days of attending the Republic Day Parade, Sepoy Bhagmal breathed his last. He died peacefully day before yesterday.

    May this INA veteran's soul rest in peace!
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    My respects to Sepoy Bhagmal and may his soul rest in peace. He and other survivors of the INA were rightly honored by giving a place in the Republic Day Parade.

    The INA soldiers were given due recognition by the Government of India.

    The INA fought along with Japan against the British Indian Army in the World War 2. The INA had about 50000 soldiers at its peak. The British Indian Army after facing a defeat initially reversed the trend and conclusively defeated the Japanese Army and the INA. Many soldiers of INA were captured by the British Indian Army. They faced trial as traitors of the country. This trial made them heroes and they were acclaimed as freedom fighters. The famous trial of Prem Sahgal, Gurubaksh Singh Dhillon and Shah Nawaz Khan of INA took place at Red Fort. Jawaharlal Nehru, Bhulabhai Desai, Kailashnath Katju and Asaf Ali defended them in the trial. The Congress and the Muslim League called for them to be freed.

    The reinstatement of INA soldiers into the Indian Army was opposed by the Indian Army as the INA fought against them in the World War II. According to the information available on Wikipedia, many of the members of the INA held important positions in independent India, Some of them served as ambassadors immediately after independence with Abid Hasan in Egypt and Denmark, A. C. N. Nambiar in the Federal Republic of Germany, Mehboob Hasan in Canada, Cyril John Stracey in the Netherlands, and N. Raghavan in Switzerland. Mohan Singh was elected to the Rajya Sabha, Shah Nawaz Khan served as Minister of State for Rail in the first Indian cabinet. Lakshmi Sahgal joined the Communist Party of India (Marxist). According to the information available on Wikipedia, of the very few of the ex-INA members who joined the Indian Armed Forces, R. S. Benegal joined the Indian Air Force in 1952 and later rose to the position of Air commodore. He earned Maha Vir Chakra, an award for valor.

    The surviving INA members were well taken care of by the Government of India.

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    My heartful respects to Sepoy Bhagal and I pray to God to see that his soul is rest in peace. He and other survivors of the INA were rightly honoured by giving a place in the Republic Day Parade. It is good that he attended the Republic day parade before he died. Probably he may be waiting all these days for attending the parade. It is always good to give due respect to the people who struggled hard for the country by working in defences forces. I hope our country will do the same without any deviation.
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    It is really sad that even deaths are being celebrated. I agree that he was part of the squad crested by Netaji. But are you glorifying the veteran or the govt that has recognized his efforts? He would have kept his head low if he had seen this thread. Believe me.
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    The name of the just-departed INA veteran is Bhagmal and not Bhagal.

    I feel that this great freedom fighter has left the world peacefully after the grateful Indians paid their respect to him and his comrades in the Republic Day Parade. I do feel that there is nothing objectionable in this Post. It is objectionable not to write the name of the freedom-fighter correctly.

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    The mistake in the name is corrected. The only thing objectionable in this post is that an attempt has been made by the author to create an impression that the INA soldiers did not get any recognition previously. I hope the details will give a correct picture instead of a distorted one.
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    INA soldiers did a great service in those times. Seeing the difficulties and tough time they faced, their contribution is commendable.

    Any INA veteran attending such functions will be naturally happy and joyful to see the journey of the nation so far.

    The news of death of Sepoy Bhagmal is a sad one and I pray the Almighty for the peace of the departed soul.

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    The INA soldier has been honoured and his wish fulfilled. May his good soul rest in peace.
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    The failure of INA was a blessing for our country. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who ultimately became the Commander of the INA sought the help of Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany and then Imperialist Japan to fight against the British for the independence of India. The choice of Netaji was highly questionable knowing the Nazis and the Japanese. Hitler did not oblige Netaji after making him wait for nearly one year. Netaji then approached the Japanese and the INA fought along with the Japanese against the British. The atrocities committed by the Japanese in Andaman and Nicobar Islands were well known. At this point, it is very difficult to imagine what would have happened had the Japanese and INA succeeded in the war against the British. At times, I wonder whether the INA had done any service or disservice to the country. One cannot question the intentions of Netaji and INA which were for the independence to India but had they won the war, would Japanese have handed over India to Netaji?
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    "The atrocities committed by the Japanese in Andaman and Nicobar Islands were well known."----------------It seems that the esteemed Member is pained by the Japanese treatment of the British officers of Andaman. Misplaced priority or intentional insult?
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    Refresh your history knowledge by searching for Japanese atrocities in Andamans. The Wikipedia website gives all the information about how the Japanese tortured the Indians there. At that time the people there seem to have felt that Netaji failed them by not understanding the situation there in Andamans.
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    1. This thread was raised to pay last respect to the just-departed INA veteran and not to discuss INA's contribution in India's freedom movement. I have to clarify this because maybe some Editors and Members have failed to understand this.

    2. Wikipedia is not the only authentic document to understand India's freedom movement. There are other sources.

    3. Everyday, new research findings are coming out which thow new lights on Netaji's contribution and influence of INA during the last phase of the freedom struggle. The last fight, i.e., the naval mutiny of 1946 was totally influenced by INA. But people have to study to understand. Pre-conceived notions don't allow new wisdom to enter our old brain.

    4. If the Japanese wouldn't allow India to become independent in case they emerged victorious in the WW-II, I am sure that Netaji would fight them tooth and nail. But this is totally hypothetical.

    5. Now, let us pay our respect to the departed INA veteran.

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