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    How Google Decides which post needs to rank in search?

    Suppose we add job post on ISC for "IISER Pune" for latest jobs opening. Already ISC have many job post for IISER Pune in database. Possibly some of them may be ranking on top 10 pages as well. So, my question is If we add nes IISER Pune job post, Will Google rank our latest job post from ISC on search result?
    Many times i found that old posts may be ranking on Google search result as well. So, members who have experience in this. Kindly comment.
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    Google has its own ways and algorithms to sort out the most relevant and most recent posts in the net and accordingly it gives rank to a particular page. They have a huge data base for comparison with the recently entered knowledge and information regarding the various topics and matters.

    I do not know exactly but they might be using some artificial intelligence programs also to achieve this management.

    Due to the vast storage of old information with Google, which is today even not available in the original sites, Google has emerged a giant information depository which can rank any new incoming information quickly and place it in the desired slot of importance and ranking.

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    Google may be using a special algorithm for generating search results. Google keeps some specific points about this as a secret. Because of this Google remain in the first rank when compared to other search engines. Google uses a trademarked algorithm which is known as PageRank. It assigns each Web page a relevancy score as per the programme.
    The following points are also considered in deciding the rank.
    1. Google gives a better rank to the web pages which are having a well-established history.
    2. If the keyword appears more times in the page that will get a better ranking
    3. It will also take into account how many web pages are linked to that particular site. More links will get a better rating than fewer links.

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