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Learn from this thread how to participate in our Triathlon contest and clarify your doubts.
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    Triathlon Picture Contest - how to participate and clarifications

    As you know, a Triathlon is a sporting event with different disciplines over three legs, each leg being of different distances. Let's enjoy a Triathlon online - no athletic prowess is required here, though! Instead, you are being tested for creativity, the focus of each of the three legs being pictures. There will be a different type of creativity required for each and, like the varying distances of the sport, there will be varying time durations for each.

    Now here's the catch: In order to win the Triathlon Picture Contest, you must participate in all the three legs. You can participate in one or two and may get enhanced points and cc for the individual legs, but you will not be entitled to win the bumper prizes. Entries considered to be invalid will also not get any points, with the points being given by the automated system being reduced to zero. The winners of the bumper prizes will be determined by the points they get for each leg.

    The bumper prizes: Rs.200/- for the one who scores the highest number of points overall, across all the three legs. In case of a tie, the first two to get the exact same points will each win this cash award. The next highest scoring points' winner (only one) will get Rs.150/- and the third highest (only one) will get Rs.100/-.

    Each leg of the contest will be announced separately, with the time to submit the entries being mentioned. An alert will also be updated in the thread which gives the contests' schedule for this month.

    In this thread, you may post any queries you have for any leg of the contest or to clarify something for the overall contest. However, members are requested not to comment on any of the themes or entries for any leg of the contest, not even in this thread. You will be allowed to give feedback right at the end of the Triathlon when the winners of the bumper prizes will be announced. The decision of the points given for entries for individual legs of the contest will be final and binding on all.

    Please participate in the true spirit of sportsmanship!
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    We were bowled over by the creative write-ups in the second leg! While the jury continues discussions on the entries and double checks the entries of the UID puzzle as well, members can now give their feedback on the Triathlon contest's individual legs and overall experience of it (though it was initially stated to give feedback after the winners' announcement, as that will take time. )

    Note that it will take some time to tally the points across the three legs to decide the winners of the Triathlon, so please be patient. However, to end the suspense of the UID puzzle, here are the answers -
    1. Dragon fruit
    2. Umbrella
    3. Custard Apple
    4. Bell
    5. Soap
    6. Walnut, cashew nut, pistachio
    7. Flower
    8. Stained glass
    9. Fig
    10. CCTV camera
    11. Petals
    12. Fire engine/truck
    13. Postal service

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    The total contest was conducted very nicely. Unfortunately because of my some other important commitment I was away from Hyderabad to a place where I couldn't get any internet facility. Hence I couldn't participate in the 2nd leg which is the longest of the three legs. The picture contest is good and many of the participants can guess the items easily. The hard work put in by the Managing Editor and other concerned people should be appreciated for their excellent work. I hope many more new contests will be designed by the administration and the members will participate and get encouraged.
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    Leg one posed an interesting challenge; it required creativity.

    The results were disappointing - a plagiarised response was adjudged better than other entries.

    Disappointed at the way leg one was judged, I stayed away from leg two. This wasn't the first time that a plagiarised entry had been awarded. It has happened twice in the last few weeks. This was the third time.

    Leg three seemed quite straight forward and hence I participated in it.

    However, how is #8 Stained Glass?

    Is the image from an art class or hobby class?

    Stained glass is something entirely different. Even if the pattern involves geometrical designs and shapes, the procedure involves fixing coloured (stained) glass pieces to a metal/welded frame.

    The image represents something quite different.

    #13 Postal Service. Well, how is that right?

    The clue said 'specific' and as per your instructions - Where it is stated as 'specific', you need to give the very precise answer. For example, suppose it is a core of an apple, the answer should be "Apple" and not 'fruit'.

    Doesn't that make Postal Service a general term? The precise answer should be India Post.

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    I am attaching a closeup image of a stained-glass lampshade in my house.
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    #8 I cannot imagine it to be a stained glass as per me it was crystal stone stickers.

    I found the contest interesting. For me, the contest where the pictures are given and have to guess are always interesting.

    It was a well-organised contest and I appreciate the efforts ME put to make it.


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    In respect of the third contest, I could not imagine that Sr. No. 8 is stained glass. I also didn't/don't have any idea about Dragon fruit (Sr. No. 1). I agree with Ms. Juana in respect of Sr. No. 13.
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    Here is an image of the same stained glass lampshade with the bulb switched off.
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    Thank you Vandana Mam for coming up with Triathlon Picture Contest. All the three legs of the contest were interesting. First and second legs required creativity. I participated in all three. I must say that I loved all three of them. Sufficient time was provided during each leg of the contest and thus encouraged more members to participate in them.

    My answer is India post for #13 in leg 3 of the contest. I have wrongly identified a couple of objects. All the three events in this marathon were different from each other. My favourite one was the second event where we had to be in the shoes of Santa. I hope that the results get announced soon.

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    My thanks to Vandana Ma'am for bringing out this nice contest. All the three legs of this Triathlon contest were interesting. It was a mixture of creativity and guesswork. The third and final leg was guesswork and here I agree with Juana Ma'am regarding #13. Since it was stated as specific, India Post has to be the specific answer.

    Well, for #8 I also couldn't guess it was Stained Glass. My guess was something different. I liked the idea of this contest and hope more such interesting contests will come up in the coming days.


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    I couldn't get #5 correct. I guessed it as a dessert – the coloured bits looked like pieces tutti-frutti, embedded/immersed in something edible. I mulled over what it could be, and my guesses ranged from plastic table sheet, scented eraser and candle. I chose dessert since one edge of the image looked like the curvature of a porcelain bowl.

    To me, #8 looked like some sort of craft – stonework on a marble curio or a bangle perhaps. I answered handicraft.

    I got all the other answers right.

    And thanks for giving me the credit for the concept.

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    But when we had to be specific we should write 2 as the canopy of an umbrella 4 as hand ringing bell 10 as dome-shaped CCTV camera.

    It was confusing I wrote the above answers.


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    @ Sanjeev
    You did not read the instructions carefully. It was mentioned that if it is the core of an apple, you should write apple if asked for specific. Thus, you need to just write- umbrella, bell and CCTV camera. You don't have to mention that it is the canopy of an umbrella.

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    #5 confused me a lot. I guessed it as geometric shapes. I felt good about my guess. I could see a triangle, circle and what not in that image. I am shocked to know that it is a soap.
    #8 according to me were crystals.

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    It was an excellent contest organized by our ME. I have nothing much to comment as my performance was poor.

    What I suggest is - The results of the previous leg should be announced prior to announcing the next leg. You promptly announced the results of leg one prior to/while announcing the second leg. Whereas you haven't announced the result of the second leg even after closing the last leg of this contest. While the second leg result can be manipulated and adjusted as desired, the third leg cannot be touched because of its definite answers and scores. Hence some manipulation of the result of the second leg is possible. I am not doubting the integrity of the editors, but a fact that is possible.

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    I will locate the original photo of #8 and revert back. #5 was a soap of the Khadi brand. #13 is the symbol of India Post, yes, but note - we had already made a list of acceptable optional answers and for #13 we had put in postal service, so we will accept that since India Post is a postal service after all.

    We are looking into the issue of plagiarized content as well.

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    I don't expect you all to go back on your decision.

    I raised a genuine concern and will be happy if originality is given the most weightage, in future creative writing activities.

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    Thanks, everyone for your input. For #8 we have decided to give a default point and cc of one for all the participants after I located the original photo and shared it again with the jury panel. We are re-checking the final tally of points. The points and cc for the creative writing leg will be credited once the winners are finalized. We did not give the points and cc right away for those entries and then it will spoil the suspense of who are the winners of the Triathlon.
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