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    What is the most difficult thing to learn and accept about life in your opinion?

    Life is full of mystery and we learn new things with every action we do and incident we face. For me, I have learned many things in life in 45 years. Below are a few things which I found difficult to learn and accept in my life:

    Nothing is constant in life. One has to adapt him/herself with the change. Those who dont can't cope up with the life. We should accept that we have to dance on the tune which life does.

    Some people who may not be as talented as you may be more successful than you. You have to accept it and rather cursing yourself you need to analyse yourself and have to make yourself more skilled to compete with the people.

    You can never help anyone unless he or she help him/herself. It happens in life that we try to help our owns in difficult times but we can never get him out of that situation unless he himself wants to do.

    One has to set goals in life and make a strategy to accomplish them nothing comes without an effort.

    Everyone is not talented. Talents are scattered none uniformly and you can't expect everyone is as talented like you or others.

    What's your opinion about life and what are the things you find in life difficult to learn and accept?.
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    A thought provoking post by the author and requires some pondering and introspections before we submit our comments.

    Life is a strange journey full of surprises and unexpected incidents. What we think or hope may never come true. At the same time what we never expected happens and we are dumbstruck or overwhelmed with pleasure.

    When I did my post graduation, the job condition was awfully bad especially in my subject. Even engineers were roaming here and there. Only doctors were able to get jobs.

    I was trying desperately here and there and got some temporary work that also with great difficulty through a person who was well known to my father. Networking was as prevalent at that time as today! Meanwhile I happened to visit the state capital where one of my relatives was working in education directorate. He was an ordinary clerk there. I went to him and asked if there was any opportunity where I could apply. He told me that I had to apply for posts advertised by state service selection board and if selected in the interview I may get a post of lecturer or teacher easily. At that time there was good credit given to the score obtained in high school to post graduation classes and to that extent I was comfortable and hoped that I could get through. He told me the details and I wanted to take leave when he suddenly asked me if I was ready to work in a remote place for some time in temporary capacity as whomever they were appointing there he was not joining.

    I thought for some time and agreed and gave my application for the same and left the office. Within a week I got an appointment letter and I left my present job and joined the educational institution in the said remote place.

    I was not sure of my decision but the day I joined there, within a few months the job situation in the country started improving as a lot of posts of executives were advertised and I also applied for some of them. Within one and a half year I was selected in one of them and got appointment letter. I was very happy but when I found that my first posting was in Assam which was thought to be a backward and remote place at that time, I was a bit sad but when I remembered my earlier job I consoled myself and joined my new job in Assam state. I was not knowing what the destiny had in store for me but today when I look back I had a very good career and I am a fully satisfied person from my active service rendered there and other places in India.

    With such a good career and technical knowledge in hand I thought that I will be getting any high level consultancy or advisory job after my retirement but what I found that the market is already crowded by the people like me.

    So you do not get most of the times what you yearn or expect but sometimes get more than what you deserve. Life is like that.

    Knowledge is power.

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    That is the beauty of life. A lyric in a Telugu movies says " All expected things will not happen and even though you have not thought the certain issue will not stop and they will happen on their own" This is the true picture of life.
    My friend in 1980s was looking for a girl for marriage. His distant relative's daughter was proposed for him and he accepted. But in the last minute, the girl refused without telling any reason. It was thought that this happened because of the issues that took place between the two families in connection with another marriage in these two families.
    Everyone thought that my friend will get upset. But he stood firm and withstood that. He looked another girl and without thinking anything he readily accepted to marry that girl. The marriage took place and today he is the happiest guy. Well settled and very cooperative wife and he flourished in his life and now he is a rich man. He is very happy now with his two sons, wife and parents.

    So we should think that what all happens will be for our good only and we accept those and live peacefully. If we go on thinking about the unhappened issues and spoiling our life is not a wise person's way.

    always confident

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    The most difficult thing to learn in life is - How to get a good life partner in life. If we all can learn this subject well and get our matching choice partners, we all can lead a heavenly life on this good earth. The word divorce can be removed from the dictionary. It is very difficult to read the mindset of the persons, especially the ladies whose depth of the heart cannot be measured easily.
    No life without Sun

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    The most difficult thing that I struggle in my life is to implement the principle of forgiving. I know how important a role it plays in our lives. If we want to move forward, we need to let go things. The more easily we are able to let go and care for a new start, swifter our journey of life will be. I know the theory but I find it difficult to incorporate the same practically. Though I am struggling but still trying to make progress in this area. Hopefully, I will make some progress soon.

    For me, life is a journey. Every soul on this earth is on its own journey. It is best that we keep it to ourselves and not get entangled with others. It does not mean that we should not be loving, kind and helping towards others. It simply means that we need to mind our own business. The more we concentrate on ourselves, the better the progress we will make.

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    If I answer to the title question, then I would say that the most difficult thing to accept is one's own mistakes and deficiencies and even after that to learn from them.

    I have no complaints about my life.Though I may not be rich, very eminent or popular and powerful, I feel that God was and is kind to me and have given me the minimum essentials for a normal life. Whatever difficulties and tensions i had to face, all got solved eventually (definitely by God's grace I believe) and they had melted away like snow against Sun. Those difficulties and trials and tribulations have made me more experienced and composed to face any further difficulties with better calmness and courage.

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    The most difficult thing to learn and accept is accepting the reality in tough times. We all go through tough times and come out of it. But to accept the reality is tough when we are in a mess and there are many who go on repenting without accepting the reality.

    Actually, the present moment is inevitable. We cannot reverse what has already happened, we cannot predict the future but have to stay in the present moment. Whatever may be the situation, we have to accept it. That's the reality and by accepting the reality we learn to grow further. We are learning from every moment and learning in difficult times will make you stronger.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I believe to judge myself than someone else. This attitude of mine has helped me to understand the mistakes I made in life due to which I have led a very unsuccessful life. I wanted to become this and that, thought to lead my life in a certain manner, but it didn't materialise because I failed to take up the required plunges at the right time.

    Let me give you an example: in one of my interviews, I missed the first chance which I got to start a group discussion due to my sheer hesitation. Later when I spoke, it all went well, but I failed to score much only because of my lack of confidence. The chance I missed and a bright future did not open. So, who is to be blamed, me and no one else.

    Thus, I believe to see demerits within myself, and yes luck plays some role too which either makes or breaks life.


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