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    No fear of God these days

    Recently in some temples of Andhra Pradesh, the idols of Apis which is there just opposite the main
    idol in the temple were stolen. Similar incidents happened in 2 or 3 temples. In Tirupathi in a temple gold ornaments costing more than 50 lakhs worth are missing. Suspected that somebody has stolen these ornaments. Similarly, the corruption in many temples is also seen In the earlier days people used to have a fear for God and nobody is trying to misuse or steel temple's property. But these days it appears people are not even caring for God also. They don't have any fear for even God also. What are the views of other members on this?
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    It's not that only temple's property is unsafe or is being stolen these days, its applied for everything. This is because of corruption. People are more corrupted these days.

    But what i think is why gold ornaments are used to decorate the idols. There is a possibility that the priests of the temple are involved in the theft. When we know that it's unsafe we should keep these ornaments in a locker under the tight security. Its likely that this may be planned and making fool of police.


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    Those who steal the God's(Idol) property are the people blessed by that God. God helps those guys in this form. It is not theft but a gift from God. Many a time, God saves them, and at times, He punishes them. This is the Thiruvilaiyadal( Game Play) of God.
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    There are many people who believe in God and afraid of the wrath of the Gods. They will not do such acts.

    At the same time, there are many who neither believe in God nor afraid of him. Out of this lot there are some thiefs and other such fraud professionals who will do anything for money and for them it does not make difference whether it is a jewelry shop or temple. They simply want cash and gold.

    So only solution is more security or avoiding use of gold ornaments in the religious places.

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    It is all about intention and honesty. A thief is a thief who would not have any morality. If there is any, then he won't be a thief. How does it matter whose things the thief is stealing? If God decides to punish one who is wrong, then He would not look for the fact that the stolen things were whose.

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    The jewel thief would say
    "The ornaments stolen from the temples don't belong to God. They are the items donated by the human being to God. God has nothing to own in this world. He is not greedy to possess wealth. He cares and provides wealth to human beings. God has not earned or bought these ornaments. It is of the public. No harm if they were stolen."

    @ In most of the temple thefts, the priests are the culprits.

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    There are only two reasons why people concerned about or believe in God. One is the faith that He will make our life happy and peaceful and the other is the fear that if we do something wrong He will punish us.

    These things are taught to us since our childhood and we start believing in that philosophy.

    But many people do not get this trait from their parents have not learned anything about God. They use their own wisdom and intelligence to understand the concept of God and if they find that it has no rational base they just condemn it and go their errand ways.

    So when they have no fear they will not have inhibition to do anything which is otherwise thought as wrong as per the opinion of the God fearing people.

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    @ Sun
    I agree with your comment.
    God has got nothing to do with the ornaments. It is the humans who decorate the idols with gold and other precious metals. It is the humans who donate and the humans who steal. Thus, why will God cast his anger in any form? Thus, those who are smart enough and familiar with the concept will not discriminate while stealing. Whether it is a bank job, a theft in the temple or robbing a poor widow, everything is the same for them.

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    Dr. Rao, the stealing of things from the worshipping places is not new. It was there even in olden days. Only thing is that these days temples have become wealthier. People stand in a queue to worship God in several temples. Naturally, these people add to the wealth of temple. Thieves are after money and gold. Both are getting accumulated in temples and other such centres.
    Actually, the number of true believers is very less. Many are visiting temples as going to tourism sites. Just when going through other interesting things they visit the temples and the deity too. True believers would worship there. Others just see things inside. Among them a few will get interested in the valuables there. If possible, they will chalk out a plan to steal the same. This means that these days the number of people visiting temples have increased, not because the number of believers have increased. But others are also going through the temple interiors and witnessing the wealthy things there. To many, the theft from a house of a rich man and the one from a temple do not make any difference. So the promotion of tourism is one of the reasons for theft from temples.


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    The theft is not new even in the case that the same is evident in the temples too. This was the case during yester years & the same is still being taking place anywhere in the world including in our country & this remained consistent in different era because you can't expect each one of us to be the true believer but few more could be an atheist but many more can still be found not to be on the either side. The third front can be interesting here as these may only be interested onto their personal wellbeing & less or no more attached to the wellbeing of any other individuals of whatsoever faith & belief & with this they only required with the opportunity & when it is there the objective is done.

    In one of such instance, to the nearby location at my native place, the hanging bell got stolen from the temple & it is only after this that the temple was resurrected with the iron structure on the outer wall having the gaps. We can't help it but to come-up with the precautions to control the theft.

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    In addition to what I have commented above, there is one thing we need to ponder on seriously which is, it's good that we are a believer or having a good faith in the God but He wants us to motivate & inspire to act more on ourselves then on showing dependencies onto Him but we are just doing its opposite & may be because of this reason that we have so much hue cry in every corners of this world including within ourselves.

    May be this is a philosophical way of expressing things but is practical on every aspects of our living.

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    It's unfortunate but increasing day by day. Gold ornaments and idols of precious metals are stolen from temples by those who think it will be more tough for the authorities to find out the culprits. As many members have already said, for a thief it doesn't matter whom the precious items belong to. They need money through stealing and will go anywhere to do the job.

    Other than the banks, famous temples are the places where one can find enough gold. In banks, there are security personnel guarding the premises and nowadays all are under surveillance. Compared to the security in banks and in few of the gated communities, the temples are vulnerable and the culprits are taking the full advantages of this. The concept of God to us is like a good ruler who helps an honest individual to succeed and punishes the wrongdoer.

    The fear factor comes in after observing others' suffering. For example, a kid fears a particular teacher or a person because he has seen the teacher/person is punishing others for their misdeed. Now when a person sees that others are leading a decent life through stealing and doing mischievous things, the fear of punishment will hardly stay in mind. That may be the reason for an increase in the number of such activities.


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