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    West Bengal incident. Do you support Mamata?

    This is the second day for the problem that has cropped up between West Bengal Government and CBI. CBI wanted to question the Kolkata Police commissioner in connection with a chit fund scam, But the state police are not allowing any CBI officer to enter to the office of the Police Commissioner. The police officials started a Dharna against CBI and that is supported by the State CM. She says CBI is acting as per the directions of the central government.

    Why the West Bengal CM is opposing the enquiry into the chit fund scams. Is there anything in the background. What may be the reason? Is it correct to say that CBI is in the hands of the central government? Do you think Central government may go for President rule taking advantage of the present situation?
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    This lady(?) has forced all right-thinking Bengalis to hang their heads in shame. No right-thinking Bengalis (or Indians) irrespective of their political affiliations can support this hooliganism which may cause terrible political unrest, violence and even imposition of the President' s Rule in the state. She is doing this to hide her personal involvement in Sharada scam and in other ponzi scams like Rose Valley.

    Those political leaders who are expressing solidarity with her won't allow such a terrible thing in their own states. They are doing it to create anarchy to capture power using this particular leader.

    No more comments from my side on this issue.

    Come on, have a fight. Don't shoot and scoot.

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    The whole political arena is well aware about this situation which being carried out on the directives of the Supreme Court but as we all aware of the fact that & as she could be a crucial ally during coming General election & therefore so much silence on the opposition allies. The author has stated that, "But the state police are not allowing any CBI officer to enter to the office of the Police Commissioner" but as per latest postings the CBI officer has been arrested by the police there. There seems to be the case of manhandling & dragging CBI officer too. Shockingly that many activists & news agencies will come in support of all this & justifying this act.

    Is PM Modi is responsible for this?

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    This was not expected from Ms Mamta Didi. However, the CBI officials should have informed the state authorities about their investigation in advance, before entering the house of the Commissioner of Police. If there was any denial, it should have been taken up with the Supreme court. Else they should have summoned the Commissioner of Police in their office during working hours (9 a.m to 5 p.m). Sharada Chit fund scam is not new but many years old case, and need not be handled in haste.
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    It would be interesting to quote of what Rahul Gandhi commented earlier & then later on,

    02.04.2016 @ 01:49 PM, "Saradha scam happened, it was one of the biggest scam in the country yet Mamata Ji did not even utter a word on it".

    03.02.2019 @ 09:54 AM, "I spoke with Mamata Di tonight and told her. we stand shoulder to shoulder with her. The happenings in Bengal are a part of the unrelenting attack on India's institutions by Mr. Modi & the BJP. The entire opposition will stand together & defeat these fascist forces".

    The same Rahul Gandhi, the president of the Congress party is on bail on tax evasion in The National Herald Scam. We also have evident of the same in Andhra Pradesh wherein Chandrababu Naidu blocks entry of CBI in the state stating that, "Under DSPE Act, the CBI does not have an all-India jurisdiction".

    This is important for all of us because it is upto us to decide about how is going to be our next elected government.

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    #658107/Sun, if the authorities would have been informed in advance than the evidences & the proofs would have been eliminated leaving the investigating personals lost of the track.

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    I think CBI has issued summons but the state police commissioner ignored and not attended. How far it is correct?
    Arresting CBI officials is not at all correct I think. But the important point to be noted here is the involvement of the Chief Minister of the State with the police in Dharna. If the agency which has to protect law and order in the State is resorting to such incidents gives an insecure feeling to the citizens of the State.

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    The CBI has approached the Supreme Court. The Court is going to take up the case tomorrow. Everything will become clear tomorrow. I do not know whether Ms. Mamatha Banarjee is on the right side or wrong side of the law but I appreciate her for the gut feeling she has shown.
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    Not allowing CBI to do its job itself brings doubts and other confusions in this case. Actually the CM should have welcomed them with open arms and that would have given a good signal to the public also.

    Now the case is getting complicated due to ego of the parties involved and can take a ugly turn. Even Mamata di can lose in the coming elections because these unfortunate events sometimes change the public verdict also. It has happened in the past in the politics and can repeat now. The repercussions of fight between police and CBI will never be comfortable to the CM or other authorities who are involved in this shameful episode.

    Knowledge is power.

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    That's very strange how can Mamta Banerji do this. Not allowing CBI to investigate is something which is not accepted by the chief minister of the state. It seems there is something due to which she is not allowing it. By doing this she is allowing people to put question mark on her and her government.

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    I do not support the dharna tactics of Mamata Banerjee. The drama that was unfolded since yesterday evening could have been avoided by the CBI itself much earlier. It is really very unfortunate that a CM of the state is on a dharna along with the police personnel at the heart of the city. We all are aware of the political tussle between the TMC and the NDA government at the centre and after the 'mahagatbandhan' rally organised by the TMC, where most of the opposition leaders were present, the confrontation took a new turn.

    The Saradha scam was surfaced in 2013, and thereafter many more ponzi scams came to light. Investors of all those chit fund companies lost all their deposits and it was a huge loss. To find out all conspiracies and political nexus, the Supreme Court handed over the case to the CBI in 2014. A few heavyweights were arrested and later released and the probe was moving at a slow pace.

    There are allegations of noncooperation from the Kolkata Police by the CBI and they have summoned many officials earlier also but a few never cooperated with them on various grounds. Now, let me be very specific in this regard. This is a Supreme Court-monitored probe and the allegations of noncooperation and destruction of evidence by the Kolkata Police is doing the rounds for more than a year. What prevented the CBI from appealing to the court regarding this noncooperation and destruction f evidence earlier? They could have easily got the order if everything was there in place.

    A few years ago the top court termed CBI a 'caged parrot'. I think it still is. When the institution itself is mired in posting and corruption related controversies and every now and then the apex court had to give directions to fix its house, it is understood the control of the organization, the CBI, is not in its own hand.

    There is no chance of imposition of the central rule here and things will start to clear up after the hearing of the case in the apex court tomorrow.


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    Politicians are very bold and brave in taking steps which otherwise the ordinary citizen will dare to dream even. They sometimes take the authority in their hand which may not be delegated to them. In this way they create embarrassment for the central leadership and gain the support of the gullible public which is already under their spell.

    I think these situations are to be handled sternly by the Govt so that people feel afraid to go ahead and adopt such routes.

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    The West Bengal became the second state after Andhra Pradesh that restricted the entry of CBI officials but the West Bengal administration has gone one step ahead with taking the CBI officials in custody who is on the directives of the Supreme Court for interrogation only & in context to a major financial scam being Saradha chit fund scam and alleged political scandal which lured lakhs of investors to deposit money in its schemes with glossy brochures & the promise of abnormally high returns. The financial losses for the investors is expected to be around 1200 Cr. but the actual figure could go much higher.

    With what is being going on in West Bengal is nothing but to create more blockades in order to restrict the investigation process. The another reason could be is to create more limelight for herself for the up-coming General election.

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