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    Whole darkness of the world can not extinguish a candle.

    I believe that a good, honest and noble person and his virtues can not be undermined by the people or society. Whatever misdeeds or mischievous plots people scheme against them, nothing gets materialized.

    Noble and honest deeds are like the light which removes the darkness from the places and brings truth to the surface. The whole darkness of the world can not dim this light.

    I think that it is the duty of the citizens to admire and give respect and credit to such personalities who are burning like a candle to give light, guidance and direction to others.

    What are your views on this?
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    Sometime believing in the philosophical ways of thinking brings satisfaction to us but do we really feel that we care about those personalities & individuals because we don't even have learnt for respecting the nature or the resources. These may differ in context but after all it's a matter of acknowledging & value the good & evil around us. If we do a small exercise than we are quite aware of the various celebrities of various platforms but wouldn't be able to list even few who have worked selflessly for others. We know about the Dashrath Manjhi from the movie "Manjhi – The Mountain Man" or otherwise he would have remained an unidentified identity for us. Likewise we are now aware of few of them because few of the movies are based on the real life characters who did a fairly different job then we usually evident of these days. One more example could of Shahid Azmi who goes on to become a criminal lawyer and fights cases for people who are being questioned for their involvement in terrorist activities, documented in the movie called "Shahid" of 2013.

    My question about why we should wait for any Bollywood movies or documentaries to be aware of their existence.

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    The main problem these days in society is that they are being ignored. All the people look at the richest man but not an honest man. I don't think many people may not recognise their good traits also.
    But this world will have many such unidentified people because of whom at least this much goodness is prevailing in the world. It is true that the light that is coming from the candle can't be put off the darkness. The victory is for the candle only. It will show the path to the person who is carrying it in his hand.
    But whether somebody is recognising our efforts or not the candle in our hand will show the path to us in the darkness. So we should not put it off. We should not leave our humble path whether somebody recognises it or not.

    always confident

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    Honest people are very rare these days and are easily recognised among people everywhere. It's a very good quality which differentiates them from others. Honest people are always respected by the people. They are like a diamond which has its own shine. In today's world when there is lots of corruption so people don't like to adopt this quality as they know they won't be able to earn money compared to others if they become honest. But they forget that honesty pays somewhere in life so we must try to be honest always in life.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Honesty and integrity always find a special place in our heart. It's true that nowadays it's hard to find an honest person. Maybe they are lost in the crowd. The environment and activities of others influence us in many ways. When we see corruption and injustice everywhere, one may think this is the rule of the day. She/he may think that if the other persons can manage their lives very well through corrupt means why to take the path of honesty.

    There are reports published at times about how the honest and upright officers are harassed at various stages of their service. After reading the news with valid proofs, the natural thing that comes to one's mind is there are still a few honest people and for them, we are saved. But when we ourselves carry out some actions, many think otherwise and indulge in corrupt practices. We must admire and respect the honesty and when we are thinking that they are the guiding light to others we must also follow the directions they have shown us.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Since the darkness is extensively surrounding everything right now, it is difficult to imagine any light. Darkness is negativity. On the other hand, a burning candle is a symbol of positivity. It is difficult to instill positivity within and it is more difficult to maintain it. However, once a person becomes positive and instills all the true values within, it becomes difficult to get rid of the light. No amount of darkness can wipe out that burning flame.

    Sometimes it is been told that the darkness is so wild that it will overpower the tiny flame. For example, corruption is so well spread that this evil will take away the life of an honest person. I believe that an honest person will never bow down to any evil thing. If a person is allowing corruption and negativity to overpower then he is not true and honest in the real sense.

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