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    How many of you remember Nani Palkhivala's budget analysis?

    While writing an article on the interim budget, I suddenly went back to my younger days. These were the late seventies and the eighties. At that time, immediately after the budget, Nani A Palkhivala used to analyse the budget threadbare at the CCI Ground in Bombay (now Mumbai). At that time, there was not so much discussion on the television (there was no private channel). There was no live coverage. People used to wait eagerly for the analysis of Nani Palkhivala.

    On the next day, the Statesman in Calcutta (now Kolkata) used to publish the analysis of Nani Palkhivala. My father and some of his friends used to discuss the intellect of this eminent jurist. They felt astonished how this eminent jurist could analyse this voluminous document so quickly.

    But I used to be afraid of my father. He forced me to read the entire news-item giving the analysis of Nani Palkhivala. Not only that, my father used to ask me questions about the news article. Wasn't it terrible torture on the happy-go-lucky young boy with average (or, below average) intellect? Fortunately for me, Nani Palkhivala discontinued this practice in the early nineties.

    Members! Do you remember Nani Palkhivala, the eminent jurist? Do you remember his budget analysis on the evening of the budget day?
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    I heard about this. But I don't remember this. My grandfather (Mother's father) used to hear radio news on the day of budget and the next he was reading the newspaper for full details. He used to explain the salient points to the villagers. That was a very small village and my grandfather was the primary school headmaster people used to ask him about these details. He was a big fan Morarjidesia those days. But he never asked us to read that news. He used to tell the farmers the points pertaining to the farmers.
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    I do remember the name Nani Palkhiwala, but not his budget analysis. I never bothered about the budgets in the past as I had nothing to do with the budget.
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    I know the name but never heard his analysis either in person or in radio. My interest in budget was generated only after I got a good job and that also about 10 years later when I used to search for avenues to invest for handsome returns.

    At that time the Post Office schemes were giving a lucrative return of 10-14% per annum and that was so good that there was no need to search for alternative channels.

    It, in fact, started lately in 2000 to 2010 that the whole financial scenario started changing to a regime where fixed income investment became unattractive and people diverted their savings to mutual funds and share market.

    So the budget news became important as we were interested to know how the income from these sources was to be taxed in those years.

    From that time this interest in budget is persisting.

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