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    Why should we not be very strict in enforcing rules?

    In the name of democracy, we have spoiled everything in India. The plastic menace was assuming gigantic proportions. Fortunately, there is a total ban on plastic covers in Tamil Nadu. In spite of being the most corrupted State Government in India, it is rather surprising that the rules are being enforced with very fast arrests. This is a welcome sign and this needs all encouragement.

    All State Governments should go one step further. Why not have the offender put in jail for one wwwk? This will create more fear among the public. Hotels now proudly announce that customers should go with their own vessals and cloth bags to take their parcels home.

    It is only this discipline that will make a big difference. Here is one more suggestion: empower unemployed graduates to man each street, and impose a spot fine of Rs20/-, every single time a fellow spits on the road. The entire amount will be the salary of the graduate. Let this be immediately implemented. Receipts can be issued with mobile number written in the receipt.
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    Punishment and strict vigil are the basic elements to impose a good governance. Until unless these are there people do not bother. In many countries like China and others it is being enforced by the Govt in a very strict way and people are afraid of the punishments.

    If we remember in the time of Mrs Indira Gandhi when emergency was introduced many people stopped their mischiefs and became gentlemen. It is of course another story that due to some inherent problems the scheme did not last long and failed miserably.

    There is a saying that spare the rod and spoil the child, that is true in any system and tough rules and their tougher implementation is the key to all this disorder.

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    Good governance is very important for maintaining good discipline. But unfortunately in our country, there are many restrictions in place but nobody will follow those. Cigarette smoking in public places is prohibited. But nobody will follow this. Similarly, plastic bags can't be used. But all will use them. There is no mechanism in place to monitor these things. Even the police people can't stop them and punish them as we feel it is our birthright.
    The awareness should come in the people. Their mindset should change. They themselves should understand the ill effects of their habits and discontinue. But it is not happening.
    The government should take these issues seriously and impose heavy punishments to the culprits. Then it may come down to some extent. Otherwise, all production units which are producing these plastic covers should be closed and no import should be allowed. This is not possible and we may have to live with the problem.

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    Any rule is for the welfare of society. So, every person should abide by norms of the states which leads to prosperity.
    From spitting on the floor to the dumping of the garbage on the roadside or the shore is an open threat to society. To avoid such things, moral responsibility for every individual is needed. And with strict rules in place, everyone would do the needful.
    Rules in the state has become prerequisite to stop not only illegal things but even for social responsibilities like not using polythene we need the rule to stop such things.
    Rules are a must to uphold the ethos and discipline in the state.

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    Why enforce rules? Don't you feel that we are responsible? I, as a responsible citizen, do feel that we can contribute instead of blaming governments.
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    Rules are made for the benefit of mankind so that everything runs smoothly. If man itself is unable to follow them, the next step is to take strict disciplinary measures and enforce them on him. The rules implemented by the Tamilnadu government should be followed in the entire nation. The author has suggested a fine of Rs:20 on those who spit on the road. The amount should go to the employed graduates who are been assigned to that job. Indeed it is a great thought. It is not only a way of promoting cleanliness but also a method of empowering unemployed graduates until they find something for their livelihood.

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    Rules have to be strictly enforced when people do not follow them. Actually, in India, it's our habit not to follow rules. Whether it's the use of plastics or following the traffic signals, we do not care much about the others. The upbringings of a child and the collective behaviour of society as a whole plays a great role to influence the activities of people.

    Many of those who are forcefully using plastic packets or violating any other rules know it is not serving any purpose rather may cause difficulties to others. They are breaking rules because many are breaking them and they are just following the herd. Education alone cannot enable a person to think rationally, it is the quest for knowledge that helps. When people are habitual offenders then the law enforcement agencies cannot do any other thing rather than being strict. Therefore, in every state throughout the country, every kind of rules must be enforced strictly.


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    Enforcing the rules will definitely reduce the violation but how many rules we will make to stop people doing wrong things. We cannot make rules and implement it for everything. One should be responsible enough to understand that the things he is doing are going to harm society. Awareness is what I will recommend in the case mentioned by the author. People should be made aware that plastic is harmful as it doesn't decompose and pollutes the atmosphere and will affect the survival of the future generation.

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