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    Converting hobbies to creative writing

    Hobbies are the sweet nectars of our life. They make our life enjoyable and interesting. Hobbies give us relief from the monotonous pressure of repetitive and routine tasks.

    They also help us in passing our spare time as well as they are also believed to be great stress busters. Hobbies can be of various types from insignificant things to life threatening adventures. It is the courage and involvement of an individual that one can even have a hobby which may seem daredevil to other people.

    Generally hobbies are pursued for self entertainment and satisfaction. They may not be generating revenue or awards for an individual.

    My proposition is that - can we convert our hobbies in creative activities like writing about them or making a blog about them where we can post about our hobbies or adventures and like minded people can share it and contribute their experiences so that a community of hobbyists in that particular stream or areas can be created and our hobbies get a place to get showcased. Will it not bring the creative writer out of the hobbyists?

    What do you opine about this? Should we try to convert our hobbies to the creative writing?
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    Yes. It can be done. You can convert your hobbies into a small write up. You can include information like how you are doing it, how much time will be spending on this hobby and other issues can be incorporated.
    For example, Wordament playing is my hobby. The details of the game can be narrated. The details can be like where from I downloaded this game and how many games a day I will play and what are the benefits for me by using my time for this. Like this, for every activity, we can place there and people who are in the same line may post their experiences and thoughts also there and that will become information to the people who are going through this postings.
    This may help people to understand the different activities and hobbies of different people and if new things are found interesting we can study the details and we can also start that activity.

    always confident

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    Your suggestion is a welcome one. But 'creative writing' is something which cannot be done by everybody. There must be an inborn talent for the same. Of course one can write something, may be an article or a story or some other creative thing. But the same will attract the attention of readers if only it is somewhat different from the existing ones. Creativity cannot be easily achieved. One may read and write any number of articles or other items.
    For that matter one can try creative drawing also. Here also the creativity is the major problem. Hence anything creative can be attempted only by spending lots of time on it. Even then, unless one has an inborn taste in that, the product may not be a creative work.


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    I hope many in the group are already doing it. I, myself have joined this group for publishing my article. Only after its recognition and little hindrance in sharing fewer contents, I went ahead in starting my own blog. Still I continued to share a lot in ISC for its quality feedback. Also, ISC created a platform to various forms of writing, and not only the creative writing. Because, I learnt to frame the article within the set of rules. I learnt the skill of procuring information, while posting in schools, colleges and jobs section.

    When I mentioned about ISC in my blog, I have mentioned, "Getting paid for your hobby is a blessing, but there comes more responsibility too". Not only remuneration, even recognition gives more responsibility in providing data or any content. So, when it is just hobby and doing only for self satisfaction, experiment anything and be more creative.

    When somebody else' s effort is involved, abide by prescribed rules, else choose a platform that gives you the freedom to do anything as you wish.

    Sri Vetri
    Spread Positivism

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    Yes, many of us are doing that but I am not very clear whether it is only the hobby part or our other likings and aptitude which is driving our creative output. Creative writing is an art which comes only with original thought process and control and command in the language one is expressing ones thoughts and sharing the learnings.

    Those who are creative writers will be continuously striving for better and better with new ideas and expressions whether they are related to their hobbies or thought process or related to what they had read earlier and learned in their life.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Converting hobbies into creative writing can be a good idea; it could become nectar for anyone who wish to write creatively. People can enjoy creative writing as a hobby but creativity is not everyone's cup of tea, though I can't deny this possibility of being creative. Anyone passionate about being anything with firm confidence can get what a person craves for.
    It is, I think a matter of hard work and persistence, to become creative at something that you wish to be. Get better ideas and persistent thought process about what you love to do. It would be a great thing to convert creative writing into hobbies.

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    To be a writer, creativity is necessary. If one is passionate about writing then yes, it is possible to convert hobbies into creative writing. I have seen many websites and blogs of such kind. People are doing it. For example, the ones who are passionate about traveling write about it and post every now and then. Such sites attract like-minded people and they post their own travel experiences and likewise. Creative writing brings like-minded people on one platform. We can share our experiences and plans, and clear our doubts. Moreover, such kinds of mediums also inspire to take the hobby to next level.

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