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    He continued destroying the tyrant kingdoms even after his death (Part-II)

    (Continued from Part-I)

    The teenager accompanied his father, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, on his trip to Agra to meet Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Thereafter, the flight of the duo from the jail of Aurangzeb in July 1666 is well-known in Indian history.

    Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj left this world in 1680 and the young man ascended the throne of Hindavi Swarajya. He was encircled by Mughals, Portuguese, Siddis, Golkonda and Bijapur Sultanates. Aurangzeb, with his half a million army, artillery, horses, elephants and royal treasury, thought to finish the war against the inexperienced young man in less than thirty days. He was already camping in the Deccan plateau.

    Although Aurangzeb had been thinking to finish his campaign in southern India within 30 days, it took him 7 years to win the first fort under Maratha rule and that too after suffering tremendous loss. The new Maratha ruler, with an army whose numerical strength was less than 1/8th of the Mughal army with all mighty generals, started teaching the Mughal emperor a lesson or two about warfare.

    (.....To be continued)
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    Again a well-narrated story by the author. The total story is very interesting. How much military force we have is not the question but how effective they are is the point. Even in Mahabaratha Pandva's military force is less than Kauravas but we all know that Pandavas won the battle. Same is the case here also. The soldiers should be guided properly by the leaders and they should plan the war correctly. Then only winning the war is possible. We will wait to see the next thread on this from the author.
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    The Maratha ruler having so much smaller army was able to give tough time to Aurangzeb. That is the testimony of the great kings and their strategy in fighting with the intruders.

    There are many such examples in History where our kings gave a tough time to the invaders and the invaders came to know the fact that Indian soldiers are invincible.

    Knowledge is power.

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