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    Is it right or wrong?

    I read a sentence of a member - " Common, you can't be that specific." What Common means here? Is it a right word or a wrong word? I think it should be - "come on" not "common"

    Discuss and clear my doubt.
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    Mr. SuN: You are correct. The actual phrase is 'Come on'. But it can be written as Com'on. In the example given by you, the person has forgotten to type the inverted comma.
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    You got it Sun. I am on the wrong side. Do you remember a discussion we had on the same topic earlier last year? I am locking this thread as having admitted the mistake. And thanks Partha for that option.

    It should have been come on.

    Your reference is to this thread at by Sivakumar. I don't understand what made you to be indirect.

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    As per my understanding the phrase 'come on' can be abbreviated to c'mon.

    "But it can be written as Com'on." as mentioned by the author in the post #658174 is news to me. I am seeing it written thus for the first time.

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    Yes, Saji Ganesh.
    I remember when our dear member K Mohan used to write it as common, I pointed out the same mistake. Yet the mistake is repeated by other members. Hope this thread will teach them the correct usage of Come On.

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