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    Air pollution plays an important role on human behaviour

    We have been discussing day in and day out about pollution and its effect on the environment. We are also discussing the health hazards due to this pollution. In addition to this in some scientific studies, it was proved that early exposure to lead disrupts brain development and increases aggressive behaviour in the human being. The fuels we use in various vehicles are leaded and they release a lot of lead particulates into the atmosphere. These will affect the brains of the youth and children and will increase rule-breaking behaviours in them, including lying, cheating, truancy, stealing, vandalism, arson, or substance abuse. That is the reason these days this arrogant behaviour in youth living in urban areas where the pollution levels are very high is increasing. What are the views of the members ion this?
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    When it is found in scientific studies there is a direct link between aggressive behaviour and pollution, then the worries are compounding. Already we know how much damage we are inflicting upon the environment on a daily basis and when this study has proved the link, it is an indication that how much aggressively we have to handle pollution.

    It is true that many youths behave aggressively in different situations, though we cannot blame only the pollution for their behaviour. There are more reasons to it and now pollution is added among the reasons. The environment always plays an important role to lead a healthy life and since the previous actions of mankind against the environment cannot be reversed, the only option left with us is to protect the environment of every corner of the world with all our strength.


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    Air pollution is one of the major problems of the country. It is the mixture of toxic chemicals and solid particles in the air which is detrimental to human health. Car emissions, dust from factories, pollens etc are few reasons for air pollution, they badly affect the air quality. Ozone is also a cause of air pollution.
    When air pollution intensifies, it causes several health conditions; a person may feel dizzy, it can cause vomiting, behavioral changes as well. It can cause irritation in the respiratory tract or acute disease like asthma and lung disease.
    Air pollution is a major problem which needs some credible and effective steps to control it.

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    Pollution is affecting the health of the people and bringing in various types of ailments. Further, the affect of this on the behaviour of an individual is a fearful factor and definitely a threat for the mankind.

    The pollutants and their chemicals are affecting the human race through genetic changes which are more fearful and threatening to the world today.

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    Pollution, whether it is air or water, is affecting our physical health in every possible way. It is surprising to know that it affects mental health too. Although it must not be very shocking because physical and mental health is very closely associated. A person cannot enjoy good mental health in absence of good physical health and vice versa.

    Scientific studies have proved that early exposure to lead can result in arrogant behaviors in children. Since most of the fuels have lead in them, the problem will persist unless a measure is taken and an alternative is introduced. Lead-free fuels can solve the problem to a great extent. Though leaded fuels burn efficiently and protect the motors but release lead. This lead even gets absorbed by the crops when it is released in the atmosphere. Thus, slowly but gradually we are lead poisoning our body.

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    Pollution has a telling effects on the health of the creatures. With the progress of time we can see the toxic level has multiplied in both the forms air and water. The impurity of the air has caused alarming set back to the people in the form Skin- disease, Cancer, Asthama, Bronchitis etc and water contamination is equally dangerous affecting the common mass with diarrhoea, cholera, lungs and other respiratory diseases.
    We need to take drastic measures to curb this menace. Air pollution can be arrested with the minimum traffic density on the road. We should now change our life - styles where usage of the cars for the duty - purpose needs to curtailed with other alternative options.
    A rigid mechanism to control the air pollution would be required to introduced where the Inspector of the Factories would play crucial role by enforcing certain regulatory parameters allowing the industries to take care of the vent gases such as CO, Sulphur - di - oxide, Vapours of Sulphuric - acid etc. A serious thought in this regard can save the lives of all the creatures.

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    Air pollution affects our health. Mainly it affects our lungs and heart but recent studies revealed that effects our brain too especially the elderly people could struggle to speak and unable to do the simple maths. Exposure to air pollution may have sever effect on our brain so we must think about how to reduce air pollution. We should aware people how to reduce it so that it may not harm us.

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