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    The best way to keep away boredom may be your active involvement

    What keeps you engaged throughout the day? For a child, it's all play and a little bit of studies. For youth, the options are more like study, hobby, play, entertainment etc. For adults, it's a mix of many things including managing daily lives through different activities. Sometimes, these activities can be boring at different stages. It happens to all. There are many ways to handle the boredom, but is it possible to be bored when you are really engaged with certain activities?

    All this boredom struck us when we are not involved in something. For example, we find any repetitive job boring before taking it up each day, but if you are really involved in it you will always find some ways to make it interesting. When you are involved in something knowing of its prospects and unaware of the exact end results, there will be excitement within you. The quest for knowledge is not boring because there's always an excitement to know something new. You will find the same thing is applicable to experiments. You are trying something new, but not sure of the end results. This keeps you excited to try it out without being bored. Members, do you agree that our active involvement can reduce boredom?
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    A good subject taken up by the author. How to keep away boredom.

    Boredom is a natural reaction to our activities. Human mind is very analytical and always doing some analysis in the background even if we are engaged in normal activities or gainful activities. The thinking process results in many ideas and manifests itself in myriad forms.

    One of the outcome of the relentless thinking process of mind is boredom and one starts feeling the uselessness of doing that particular job at that particular moment and the mind starts to resist the further efforts. This is the time when a diversion is required to take up something different to give the mind a break.

    So changing the activity or engaging in something of more liking and interest is required in such occasions and that is the importance of hobbies in our life.

    I was very found of hearing music and during my student days I usually listened to radio while studying. It helped me to concentrate in my studies as there was always a parallel means to amuse me which helped me in not distracting from the studies.

    All the entertainment and amusement business models in the world are based on how to help people in times of boredom.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Active involvement and the interest we have in the subject will keep us away from boredom eventnough we spend a lot of time in that activity. If you don't have interest and if you are doing the work forcibly you will get bored easily. A child who is interested in learning will do that with a lot of interest and he never feels bore in reading. But a child who wanted to go and play, is made to sit and read, will feel bored and will not concentrate.
    Some people will have interest in reading. He will never get tired of reading and he will not feel bored. Similarly the job you are doing is interesting to you he will not feel bored.
    Sometimes if we feel bored by having a little diversion from the topic for sometime will give us again the interest in the subject. While we sit and do some work, we should get up at least once in an hour and just walk for a few minutes will give you again interest in the work you are doing.

    always confident

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    Almost everyone feels boredom while doing the same routine activities again and again. While some have the ability and try their best to over such boredom and work even more passionate at times. It depends on a person how an individual overcomes such tiresome things.
    For a child, as you mentioned might be playing the games or entertainment and for adult or youth relieving themselves could be by doing different things interesting to them. Some would love to study while others would like to listen to music and watching TV.
    We all feel bored with the work that we repeatedly do but some interesting activities could be the boredom relievers and such activities depend from person to person as we have different hobbies that we like to do during spare time.
    If you are bored of anything, you switch to activities or hobbies for energy that refreshes you to get started again and you do your routine work.
    Hobbies are must to engage oneself and keep away the boredomness.

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    If we love what we do, we will never get bored. It does not matter how repetitive or innovative our work is. If our love towards our work is just superficial and we carry out our work just for the sake of doing it as we have run out of options then no matter how interesting and innovative tasks keep coming in our routine, we will get bored and tired. Thus, active involvement is necessary to get rid of boredom and we can actively participate only if we are totally into it.

    Boredom makes us feel unmotivated. It can be a serious thing if we have important tasks to accomplish such as studying for exams or working on next day projects. Thus, active participation or active involvement is necessary. Focus on your end goal. The focus may bring back the involvement and help to get rid of boredom.

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    Fighting boredom is a difficult task and many people are facing this challenge time and again.

    Only thing is having creative and good hobbies may to some extent help in this matter as creative hobbies will satisfy an individual that he has done some positive work. Just passing time and lingering here and there will only increase the boredom.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Not just involvement, but change also needed. Change from one activity to another is what saves us from boredom.

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